We chose Bumblebee on a friend's recommendation for our move, but I cannot do the same for anyone based on our experience. Everyone we met from the company was very friendly and acted like they were taking good care of our furniture, but the move was a bit of a fiasco and we ended up with a broken digital piano (partially my fault for not taking it apart) and a lot of minor damage done to our furniture. This company is not quite ready for prime time - fine for moving boxes or furniture you don't care about, but anyway who has half-decent stuff should find someone else. Our first warning sign was when the team of three showed up in a tiny cube van (that looked like an old, decommissioned U-Haul) even though we told them how much furniture had to be moved in advance. Of the three people, one was a female supervisor and the other two were young guys who did the heavy lifting. The supervisor did some wrapping and carrying, but you really only get 2.5 people for the price of 3. After a few hours another crew arrived to take the extra furniture in their own tiny truck, but the whole process delayed us, and since you pay by the hour the cost was borne by us. They were also not particularly conscientious about our furniture, and seem to have scratched or dented most of the things we own. I think that this is partly because the two guys were running out of energy after 6 hours without a real break. Here's a tip - give your employees a lunch break!

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