I was driving down our street and saw their truck parked at a house preparing for the next day's roofing job. I spoke to the girl at the truck who was very courteous and offered me the business card so that I can contact for a quote. So I emailed them. I only need the north side of my house re-shingled as the south side was done 2 years ago. This was mentioned in my email.. The response I got was 'sorry we can only quote you on the full roof; please advise if you are interested.' Really ?? Why would I be interested in re-shingling a perfect south side of my roof ? Not to mention that a few of my neighbors have the same problem as I do with their north side. Potential business with them as well. I don't have money to burn needlessly. Roofing is a competitive market - I will find somebody who is willing. Oh by the way, their motto printed on the back of the business card is: 'Options to fit your needs'......!! Must be a misprint.

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Company Response

We are sorry that we were not able to provide you with services that you required. Experience has shown us that we do not want to be involved in a partial roof replacement due to liability issues. We suggest that you return to the contractor who has already done work on your roof so that he may provide you with a workmanship and shingle manufacturer warranty on your complete roof.