HORRIBLE experience with Trademark Construction and Flooring!!! As with most sales they were fine when they were making the sale but when they made a mistake and re-sold flooring I had paid for in full, I was the one who suffered - losing both money and time. They refused to refund me the full amount when they could not provide me the product. I paid in full for flooring from them & they said they would hold it for me.  There was no deadline given and I was never contacted to say it needed to be picked up by a certain date. They had both a valid phone number and email address to contact me.  When I contacted them to pick it up not only do I find out that they don't have the flooring any more but that they can no longer get the product in. It was a pallet worth (over 1000 sq ft) of flooring that I had paid for.  Without contacting me, they then sold that same product a 2nd time to someone else.   When their error was discovered they offered me a different product that was not as nice nor was the quality as good as what I had originally bought. I considered other options they had (and I would have been willing to pay the difference for a product if there was something else I like) but nothing worked for what I was needing as I had purchased other things based on my initial purchase with them. I spoke to both the owner and accountant at Trademark and they refused to give me back all of the money I'd paid (holding back over $200.  The owner initially said some BS about it being for taxes. Yes they would have paid taxes on it last year but this year it would show as a loss and so it would be a tax credit.  So I said no way. The owner then said I would have to talk to the accountant the following week.  When I spoke to her she blamed me for waiting so long to pick it up then said they were holding back money for the credit card charges.  Crappy customer service!!  They should have returned my money in full and compensated me for the hassle their lack of organization causes me. It should be the responsibility of the company to control their inventory. Hello?!?!  They sold it twice!  Making profit on it twice!  Master Card isn't able to do anything since the company has given me a partial refund and it's been over a year now. Be warned.  This company wants sales but has no accountability and will resell your product out from under you!

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