Painting is a major part of home renovation and maintenance. Hiring a trusted painter to complete your painting project can save you time and effort. Whether you are painting your basement or your deck, a professional painter in Barrie can help you from start to finish. An expert painter can provide you with a cost estimate, help you pick colours, work within your timeline and finish the project without any hassle. Most importantly, a professional will make sure there are no damages to your furniture or property while finishing the paint job.

In this cost guide, you will find cost estimates to complete interior, exterior or full house painting projects in Barrie. This cost guide is based on 49 verified reviews by Barrie based homeowners. You can use these costs as a reference to plan your next paint project or ask a local painter for a custom quote.

Cost to Complete Different Painting Projects in Barrie

Location Average Cost* Lowest Reported* Highest Reported*
Interior $2,691 $200 $20,000
Exterior $1,725 $1,450 $2,000
Full House Painting $3,158 $1,000 $7,000

Costs as of October 2020*

Factors Impacting Painting Costs in Barrie

Size and Location of the Room

  • A painter can provide you with an estimate based on the size and location of the area you want to be painted. Expert painters in Barrie will measure and calculate the length, width and height of the surfaces to determine the quantity of paint and how much time it will take to finish the project.
  • To save yourself from any hidden fees or last-minute charges, we recommend you create a list of areas you want to be painted. Also, note how many colours and coats you want for the job.

Types and Quantity of Paint

  • There are three types of paint finishes available in the market: flat, semi-gloss and gloss. As per the surface and location of the area you want to paint, an expert painter can help you choose the right finish. A painter can also help you choose the right type of paint as per your requirements.
  • The quantity of paint depends on the size of the area and how many coats of paint are necessary. To paint an average room of 500 to 600 square feet you may require up to 2 gallons of paint for one coat. One gallon of paint can cost you anywhere from $15 to $300 based on your choice of paint. You will also have to consider the trims, corners, windows and doors of the house. If you’re painting the trims in different colours, the painter will have to measure those as well to create an estimate for those specifications.
  • Before you start any paint job, it’s important to be confident in your paint colour choice. While you can always repaint, it’s cheaper and easier to pick the right colour the first time.

Textured and Popcorn Ceiling

  • Many older houses in Barrie which were built before the 1990s have textured and popcorn ceilings. Though it was a popular trend at the time, many homeowners are opting to remove the popcorn ceiling now with concerns about the health and well-being of their families.
  • Though the popcorn ceilings are budget-friendly, they are very difficult to clean. We highly recommend hiring an expert to replace the popcorn ceiling as it requires special equipment and experience.
  • When you hire a painter to replace the popcorn ceiling, make sure you discuss all the preparation details. Removing the popcorn ceiling can create a lot of mess and debris. The expert can cover the floors and furniture with plastic, remove light fixtures and ceiling fans to avoid any damages. They will also do the final clean up after the job is done.

Wall and Room Preparation

Taking proper precautions before starting a painting job is very important. A professional painter can help you take all the precautions by prepping the areas to be painted. There are two types of preparations: covering the area and preparing the surfaces.

  • Covering the area: In this step, a team of experienced painters will remove or cover all your furniture and landscape to avoid any paint splatters. They will cover the electric boxes, remove light fixtures and ceiling fans to complete the paint job without any obstacle. Before starting the project, make sure that you discuss the details of covering or removing certain items from the paint area.
  • Preparing the surface: Whether you are painting a wall or ceiling, a painter will make sure there are no holes or cracks on the surface. Such damages can ruin the paintwork and its aesthetic value. An expert painter will fix these cracks and holes before painting.

Based on the scale of preparation, it can take up to two hours to complete the tasks and start the paintwork. Make sure you calculate these hours while creating your estimate if you are paying the painters an hourly rate.


  • You can plan any interior paintwork throughout the year as per your convenience as the weather does not impact any paintwork done indoors. If you’re planning any exterior paint project, be it big or small, you must check the weather conditions before starting the work.
  • Rain, snowfall, high humidity or strong winds are not favourable conditions to do any type of exterior paintwork. You can plan such projects during spring or fall when the weather is more pleasant and favourable. A residential painting expert in Barrie can help you choose the right period to paint as per the weather conditions during these seasons.
  • Planning an exterior paint project before the season starts can save you time and money. Painters usually have busy schedules during spring and summer as this period is considered a peak season for paintwork. If you hire a painter early, you can build a painting plan and set your timeline.

The Painter’s Profile

  • Experience: A more experienced painter will complete the project faster and with better accuracy. Hiring an experienced painter can be expensive but if you want a project done within a specific time frame, we recommend you hire an expert.
  • Labour: Some projects require a team of painters. If you give a big paint project to an independent painting contractor, they will hire extra painters to help them. The cost for these extra painters will be added to your final invoice as ‘labour costs.’ Before hiring any painter, make sure you discuss the labour costs to avoid any surprises on your final bill.
  • Expertise: When you hire an expert painter, you’re paying for their skills and knowledge. They will be able to assess any damages and fix them, they will help you choose a colour palette and also share design ideas. Their expertise will come in handy when prepping the area before painting or cleaning it after the job is done.

How to Interview Potential Painters

Discuss Supplies and Tools

  • Experienced painters in Barrie have basic paint supplies and tools except for paint and primer. If you have any specific requirements related to tools and other supplies, you can discuss those with the painter before hiring them.
  • Make sure you ask the painters if they have painting tools such as paint rollers, paint roller extension pole, drop cloths, paint brushes, sandpaper, paint tray, putti knife and painters’ tape.

Understand their Damage Repair Policy

  • A paint job has the potential to damage your furniture, landscape and walls. If not done carefully, these damages may cost you more than the paint job itself. That’s why it’s important to discuss the damage policy with the painters before they start their job.
  • Many painters in Barrie offer damage repair policies. When you hire a painter, ask them if they provide such a policy and its details. Make sure you get a written copy of the same.

Ask for a Payment Plan

  • A big paint, such as painting your entire home, can be expensive. It can be difficult to invest a huge amount of money in a big paint project. You can ask your local painter if they offer a simplified payment plan.
  • By opting for a paint payment plan, you can pay the painter in installments and get the paintwork done without any hassle. Before you sign on and agree to a painting plan, make sure you read and understand all the terms and conditions attached to it. Ask any questions you have before signing the contract.

Planning and executing a paint project can be time-consuming. You want to ensure you hire a professional company the first time as repainting can be frustrating and expensive. With HomeStars you can choose a painter of your choice by browsing through their company profiles. You can check their Star Score, verification badge and reviews by other homeowners. After the job is done, you can write a review of their company to help other homeowners make a confident hiring decision. You can browse through a list of painters in Barrie or fill out a service request form for a custom quote.