Being independent and getting things done on your own is a good thing, but when it comes to completing electrical projects, it’s always best to get help from an expert electrician. In Barrie, you can find a licensed, experienced and reliable electrician to help you with your big or small electrical projects. As a homeowner, it is your responsibility to make sure that you are hiring an Ontario government-certified Licensed Electrical Contractor or LEC to fix your wiring or install an appliance. A Licensed Electrical Contractor can help you with your electrical problem or can employ a team of qualified electricians to help you fix it.

An electrician in Barrie charges based on the type and size of the electrical project, your timeline to finish the project and their experience and certifications. In this HomeStars cost guide, we have compiled reviews of 22 Barrie homeowners complete with costs to complete particular electrical projects. When you decide to hire an electrician, you can compare the quote they give you with this cost guide.

Cost for Various Electrical Jobs in Barrie

Job Average Cost* Lowest Reported* Highest Reported*
Ceiling Fan Installation $472 $160 $850
Generator Installation $8,171 $571 $25,000
Light Fixture Installation $962 $200 $3,200
Knob and Tube Rewiring $12,000 $12,000 $12,000

Costs as of October 2020*

Common Electrical Projects In Barrie

Ceiling Fan Installation:

  • Whether it’s installing a new ceiling fan or replacing an old one, an electrician in Barrie can assist you in the process.
  • Installing a ceiling fan can be different depending on the location where you want the ceiling fan installed (outdoor/indoor), the dimensions of the room, as well as the type and brand of the ceiling fan. A professional electrician takes into account all these criteria before installing the fan.
  • They can also recommend whether you need any parts of your old ceiling fan or need to buy new parts. You can ask the electrician to buy these parts on your behalf, which can later be paid as overhead fees.
  • Usually installing one ceiling fan can take up to 2 hours and costs an average of $472 based on the complexity of wiring and light fixtures in the room. You can hire an apprentice or a journeyman electrician to finish this job.

  • Get a quote to install a ceiling fan from a local, knowledgeable and efficient electrician in your area today.

Generator Installation:

  • Installing a generator can be a huge task but it can be done swiftly with the help of a qualified electrician.
  • When you install a generator in Ontario, you need to apply for a permit and successfully pass an inspection ESA i.e. Electrical Safety Authority. An electrician in Barrie can help you apply for the permit and obtain a safety certificate from ESA. For this project, make sure that you hire only ESA certified and licensed electricians.
  • A master electrician or a team of journeyman electricians in Barrie who have the experience and equipment to install a generator may cost you up to $25,000 based on the size and type of the machine.

Light Fixture Installation:

  • Installing a light fixture may seem like an easy task, but it requires extensive knowledge of residential wiring, necessary equipment and experience to handle any unforeseen problems like shocks.
  • Be it a single light fixture or the whole interior, an electrician in Barrie can install it by following the proper steps. Experienced electricians are trained to install the light fixture while considering potential fire hazards and the replacement of old wiring.
  • A journeyman electrician can help you install the light fixture for $200 to $3,200 based on your requirements.

Knob and Tube Rewire:

  • In Barrie, many houses built before the 1950s have an old electrical wiring system known as knob and tube or aluminum wiring. According to the ESA, this type of wiring can be hazardous if used for modern appliances and light fixtures. An insurance provider can reject your application for housing insurance coverage if you don’t change this wiring system with a contemporary one. A master electrician can help you rewire your entire house.
  • Rewiring a knob and tube system includes going behind a house’s drywall and replacing the fuse, wire connections, ground pins and extension cords. Only a licensed electrical contractor can do this job. The electrician can also help you arrange for an ESA general inspection and get you a safety certificate from the organization.
  • The cost to get the knob and tube rewire done is based on the size of the house and your timeline. On average, it may cost you approximately $12,000 to rewire your home. Before hiring an electrician to do the job, ask them for any additional labour charges, permit fees and other maintenance overhead costs involved.

Factors Impacting Electrician Costs in Barrie

Types of Electricians

In Barrie, you can choose an electrician based on their education, experience, licenses and certifications to do your electrical work. Based on these criteria, there are three types of electricians to choose from: an apprentice, a journeyman, and a master electrician.

  • A student electrician is known as an apprentice. This type of electrician is still learning the job and is enrolled in an electrician training program. They usually assist a journeyman or master electrician as they don’t hold all the necessary certifications.
  • A fairly experienced and educated electrician is known as a journeyman. They can help you with an appliance installation or a light fixture job. Though they are licensed electricians, they often work with an electrical contractor.
  • The most experienced, knowledgeable and certified electrician is a master electrician. They might charge you a hefty amount to complete a job, but they do it very quickly, efficiently and can help you better if any permits are required. They can also help you with ESA inspections and safety certification processes.

Material and Labour Cost

  • Many electrical jobs involve various overhead costs based on the complexity of the project. This includes material and labour costs.
  • If you’re installing a generator or rewiring knob and tubes, your electrician might need extra material like specific wires, electrical boxes and panels. You can ask the electrician for a list of additional material and purchase it from a local or an online store. An electrician can also purchase the material on your behalf, the cost of which can be added to your final invoice. It is important for your safety that you purchase high-quality materials to avoid any electrical failures.
  • Some of the electrical projects, like installing a generator or rewiring the house, require a qualified team of electricians. Based on their experience and your timeline, your contractor will hire a team of qualified electricians to complete the project. Before hiring the electrical contractor, make sure you discuss the labour costs with them.
  • We highly recommend discussing and confirming your overhead costs before starting the project as it will save you from any surprise additions on the final invoice.

Emergencies and Off-Hour Services

  • An electrical emergency should be treated immediately as it may cause a power outage, electrocution or fire. You can hire an electrician in Barrie for an emergency or an off-hour service.
  • Given the nature of circumstances, an electrician might charge you double the usual cost to treat an emergency electrical problem. That’s why when you get in touch with an electrician, make sure you specifically ask them for their emergency and off-hour services fees.

Tips to Hire an Electrician in Barrie

Check the HomeStars Tools

  • HomeStars helps you get matched with local electricians to complete your desired home project. By checking their reviews, ratings and verification of a company, you can make an informed hiring decision.
  • You can browse through a list of electricians in Barrie or fill out the service request form to get matched with three local service providers. You can read their reviews and check project photos submitted by homeowners in Barrie. Only service providers who have completed HomeStars’ credit and criminal background checks have a verification badge on their profile. This will help you narrow your search for the right electrician.
  • You can also refer to the Ultimate Hiring Guide to help you choose the right pro in your area for your project.

Confirm the Callout Fees

  • When you hire an electrician, make sure you ask them about the call-out fees. Often homeowners do not realize that they have to pay a call-out fee on the first visit whether any electrical work is done or not.
  • The call-out fees vary depending on the type of electrician you want to hire. As it’s a common industry practice, electricians do not necessarily inform homeowners about the fees in the beginning. It directly reflects on the final invoice.
  • To avoid seeing a surprising amount of callout fees on your final bill, we highly recommend you discuss it with the electrician before inviting them for a visit.

Ask for Insurance and Damage Cover

  • Electrical projects, irrespective of their size, can be quite messy. Electricians usually clean up the mess and debris created while completing the job but sometimes there can be excessive damage.
  • While installing an appliance or re-wiring the house, you may face property damages. It can lead you to spend more on fixing them as these damages can be hazardous and dangerous.
  • Be sure to ask your electrician if they provide insurance and damage cover before hiring them. If they do, make sure you get this in writing in your contract.

Check for ESA License Number

  • The Electrical Safety Authority of Ontario issues licenses, certificates and safety permits related to electrical jobs. In Barrie, an electrician has to be a certified ESA license number holder to perform any type of electrical work. These license numbers are given to only those electricians who are qualified and have completed the rigorous licensing requirements. As homeowners, it’s your responsibility to check the ESA license number of the electrician you hire.
  • The ESA license number is displayed on the electrical contractor’s website, vehicle, pieces of equipment and their marketing materials. If you can’t find their license number, you can always ask for it upfront. For the safety of your family and your house, we highly recommend that you only hire electricians who have a valid ESA license number.
  • An ESA license number certified electrician is insured, safe, experienced and recognized by law to do residential electrical projects.

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