They say the kitchen is the heart of the home and for good reason. It’s where we come together to gather for meals, parties and celebrations. This is why this space is so popular and high up on homeowner’s renovation wish lists. Unsurprisingly, kitchen renovations also have the largest payoff in terms of return on investment and boosting a property’s resale value. You can expect about 75-100% ROI depending on your renovation. Of course, due to its complexity, kitchen renovations can be among the most expensive. Learn how much you can expect to pay for your kitchen renovation. Remember that a kitchen renovation is one of the greatest home improvement projects you can do in terms of return on investment (ROI). According to a widely-quoted assessment by the Appraisal Institute of Canada (AIC), a kitchen renovation will boost your home value and give you an ROI between 75 and 100 per cent of what you spend. Keep this fact in mind as you go about setting your budget.

Average Costs

Before you start asking the search engine about how much does it cost to renovate a kitchen, we have done the homework, to make things easier for you. The total amount you will spend on your kitchen renovation is determined by several factors including the size of the space, the quality of materials and whether or not you change the layout. On average, a kitchen renovation costs approximately $30,944 or $195 per square foot. Homeowners report spending between $16,402 and $45,618 or $97 to $326 per square foot.

For example, a smaller kitchen remodel costs between $13,049 and $19,574 and may include painting walls, refacing cabinets, upgrading the sink and installing a new tile backsplash. A kitchen renovation costing over $40,000 may include installing custom cabinets, hardwood floors, granite counters and high-end appliances.

Industry experts recommend spending 5% to 15% of your home’s value on a kitchen renovation.


Before you can start planning your kitchen renovation, you need to have a clear budget in place. Having a budget will help to determine how much you can accomplish, the materials you can afford, how much professional help you will need and what the final product will look like. Moving ahead without a budget could result in your project being left half finished or you going into debt to finish it.

Depending on the scale of your renovation, you can expect to roughly spend the following:

  • Minor: $13,000 to $19,000
  • Mid-range: $20,000 to $39,000
  • Major: $40,000+

You should also set aside 15% to 20% of your total budget for any unexpected problems. This could include issues such as plumbing, electrical, structural, and/or pest or toxic material problems.

Kitchen Renovation Budget Breakdown

According to the National Kitchen & Bath Association, your kitchen renovation expenses will break down as follows:

Element of Project Percent of Budget Breakdown for Average renovation
Design fees 4% $1,200
Installation 17% $5,102
Appliances & ventilation 14% $4,201
Cabinetry & hardware 29% $8,704
Countertops 10% $3,001
Lighting 5% $1,500
Flooring 7% $2,100
Doors & windows 4% $1,200
Walls & ceilings 5% $1,500
Faucets & plumbing 4% $1,200
Other 1% $300
*Note: all numbers are an approximation. What you will end up paying depends on many different factors. This chart should only be used as a guideline to give you a rough idea.

Tips To Save Money

If your budget is tight but you need to renovate, take these tips into consideration for ways to save money.

  • Pass on custom options
    Cabinets can take up almost 30% of the total budget. Save with stock products rather than custom. For extra savings, consider repainting or refacing your current cabinets.
  • Renovate in stages
    You can break up the projects and renovate in stages, so you only have to save for one thing at a time. Decide what needs to be done now and what can wait.
  • Only do necessary updates
    You don’t have to do everything. You can simply upgrade the materials and appliances that truly need updating. Quick fixes can give your kitchen a facelift without having to renovate it entirely.

Costs of Labour

Kitchen renovations require the help of multiple trades. Below are some of the most common home service pros you can expect to interact with during your project and their fees.


Not every kitchen renovation requires an architect, but if you’re planning on doing anything that structurally changes the layout of your kitchen, you will definitely need to consult an architect. Architects usually charge by the hour, roughly $130 to $163 per hour. Sometimes if they are just overseeing the project they will charge a percentage of the total project cost. This is why having a budget in place ahead of time will help you decide if you can afford an architect to design a new layout or remove walls.

Kitchen Designer

If your project is not big enough for an architect, you may need to consult with a kitchen designer. Kitchen designers help to plan your renovation and get the right look you are after. They may charge a one-time consulting fee, but it is more common for them to charge a percentage of the total renovation cost as they will be managing the entire project. You can expect to pay about $326 for a one-time consultation or approximately 10% to 20% of the total cost for managing the project.

General Contractor

If you aren’t as concerned about achieving a specific look or you have a style in mind, you can skip hiring a designer and have a general contractor oversee your project instead. Hiring a general contractor to oversee your project is a good idea as they will work closely with the other trades hired (electrician, plumber, and/or carpenter). As they will be managing the project, general contractors usually charge 10% to 20% of the total project cost.


Many homeowners do not realize they will likely need the help of a plumber with their kitchen renovation. Ideally, your general contractor will have a reliable plumber ready to call so you will not have to find one. Plumbers charge by the hour, typically $71-84, and will also charge for materials.


You may also require the help of an electrician, especially if you are moving the layout around and will require new outlets or lighting fixtures. Electricians also charge by the hour, typically $84 to $110 plus materials.


If you are having new cabinets built, it’s likely you will need to hire a carpenter. Carpenters tend to charge $90 per hour, plus materials.

You can use HomeStars Get A Quote feature to connect with and compare costs from any of these home service professionals. Getting multiple quotes is essential in the project planning phase. HomeStars can help you find the best company for the job that also fits your budget.

Cost By Size

The size of your kitchen will play a big part in determining your overall cost to renovate kicthen. Below are the typical spend margins for various sizes and the factors that affect those costs.

Size (Square Feet) Average Cost
Small (<70) $6,500-$26,000
Medium (100-150) $19,500-$52,000
Large (200+) $40,000-$78,000+
  • Small Kitchen and Condo Kitchen Renovation Costs
    Depending on what you decide to upgrade, you can expect to spend roughly $6,500-$26,000 on a small sized kitchen. Small is defined as 70 square feet or less.
  • 10×10 Kitchen Renovation Costs
    A 100 square foot kitchen qualifies as “medium sized” and you can budget to spend roughly $19,500-$52,000 to renovate the space.
  • 12×12 Kitchen Renovation Costs
    This is close to the standard size kitchen which is usually between 150 and 175 square feet. Budget roughly $26,000 to $52,000 for a kitchen renovation this size.
  • Large Kitchen Renovation Costs
    A large kitchen is defined as being 200 square feet or more. Renovations for large kitchens tend to cost between $40,000 and $78,000. Upscale renovations can easily cost over $100,000.

Costs Of Typical Elements

Here are some of the elements that go into an average kitchen renovation and their costs based on small, mid-range or major options:

Feature Small Reno Mid-Range Major Reno
Install an appliance $130-$260 per appliance $200-$400 per appliance $520-$780+ per appliance
Install cabinets $130-$260 per cabinet $260-$390 per cabinet $390-$650 per cabinet
Install countertops $260-$650 $400-$1,300 $1,300-$3,200
Install flooring $780-$1,300 $1,300-$1,900 $1,900-$3,900
Install a faucet $162-$260 per faucet $260-$390 per faucet $300-$750+ per faucet
Install a sink $130-$325 $250-$520 $520-$780
Backsplash installation $150-$521 $500-$1,040 $1,043-$1,500
Painting / wallpaper $130-$260 $260-$520 $520-$780

Now that you have a better idea of the costs surrounding a kitchen renovation, your next step is to connect with the right company for the job. HomeStars makes it easy to do this using our Get A Quote feature. Simply go to HomeStars, enter your project details, and we’ll connect you with top-rated kitchen renovation companies in your area who will reach out to you with an estimate. From there, you can compare quotes and select the pro you feel is perfect for your project. You can take comfort knowing only the best pros who have undergone our verification process will be in contact with you. Get started on your kitchen renovation and connect with pros today.

*Cost information provided by our home service partner network. Your individual costs will vary depending on your project. Use these costs as a guideline when planning your next project.