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Jessica in Markham
Jessica in Markham
1 review Markham, ON


First two employees were professional, informative and made us feel comfortable in our choice to sign on with reliance to provide us with an air conditioning unit.

Then following the contract the workers that showed up were unprofessional in appearance. Did not have any reliance branding. Not once did any reliance employee mention to us that it would be a subcontractor that would arrive to do the job. We were expecting reliance technicians to come and provide the service. One guy shows up with just some tools, then another guy shows up a hour later without warning, just enters into our house with ringing the bell or even knocking. They continue on by discussing the circumstances in their own language so we cannot understand. They wanted to cut sheet metal in our house on the bathroom floor. The level of unprofessionalism was extremely disappointing. Reliance was very professional and communicative until it came to installing the product and then it appeared like they sent subcontractors without warning. None of these other workers were branded in reliance uniforms and even the truck they showed up in was not a reliance vehicle. Then a third guy shows up some time after and again appearing unprofessional and unbranded. Definitely not the appearance you would expect of employees of a company as well renounced as Reliance. These guys even ordered pizza to our house when they are suppose to working on installing a new A/C unit for us? The level of Unprofessionalism was unreal.
They didn’t cover any of the flooring like it says they should on the email that discuses what to expect during the installation.

We call the sales rep that sold us the unit and he replies that we will be compensated by a gift card. He spoke to the installers and when getting off the phone the installer says do you want me to finish? He had already uninstalled our previous unit. Ripped apart things in our furnace room and asked if we wanted to the job finished? This is the most disappointing service we have received from any company so far which is sad to say from such a big company like reliance. With a motto like we’re not comfortable until you are they definitely were not making us feel comfortable at all.

After two hours of them cutting wires and ripping things out. Uninstalling the A/C and whatever else they were doing we are told they can’t do it. They told us that the piece was too big and they couldn’t install it. The sales rep that came in on Monday, assured us that they have worked in many other units like ours and even mentioned that we probably have seen their truck in our complex many times. He even went down to the furnace room to take pictures and measurements. I don’t understand how the wrong piece could be ordered. I cannot even describe or respectfully explain the thoughts running through my mind. I have never heard of such poor service in my life. All the horror stories I have heard about people’s units doesn’t amount to this experience.

I called 24 hr support and the lady I spoke with was kind and understanding. She took down all of my complaints and spoke with the contractors but my issues were not resolved. The resolution department closes at 5pm. When we had called our sales rep, it was well before 5pm. He told us that there was nothing he could do until the morning. That was not true. He could have called resolutions at that time and had something figured out for us. He did not even mention that we had an option of calling another department. I am told to call in the morning but that doesn’t help my current state.

They had to weld the pipes back together in order to reattach the old unit. My house now smells horribly, we had to disconnect our fire alarm. This situation went from bad to worse. When the support person I called spoke with the contractor he had the nerve to say that he was working in an uncomfortable environment but couldn’t explain to her why. He came into my house, ripped apart our unit, made a mess. We offered them water and they took it upon themselves to have a nice sit down dinner on a patio out back and order pizza and he is saying he’s uncomfortable? My level of patience no longer exists. I will never turn to this company again for any issues that arise and I will make it aware to anyone I speak to not to get into business with this company either.

I had to call the resolutions department myself the next day. No one contacted us to address our issues. I called as soon as they opened, spoke to someone, explained the issues in detail and she gave me her number and said she would call back once she speaks with higher authority. No one called back 3 hours later. I called again. At this point I said forget it I don’t want anything from you just to cancel my contract. They could care less, did not offer anything for our time wasted and stress.

Reliance is not reliable and making you feel comfortable is not their priority.

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Company Response

Very sorry to hear about this experience. Please email me if you require further assistance. ~Jessica