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Smoothing of Popcorn Ceilings

I would not recommend Frank, Newfie Plaster and Paint.

I hired Frank to smooth out my popcorn ceilings. In my situation, it was taking over for a contractor who started and could not finish due to health reasons. He took a look and said he could do it. I was impressed during our initial visit as he could point any any flaw in my drywall - it gave me good reason to trust him and believe the end product would be great.

Due to my situation, having a newborn and not currently living in the house, I had to put a lot of trust in him. I visited the house periodically while the work was going on. I was extremely pleasant with Frank and he was likewise with me. I actually liked how things were going so much during the work that I posted a glowing review on a local Facebook page. In addition, I paid him the final amount in advance as I simply could not be at the house when he finished.

When I eventually saw the finished product, we were extremely sad. The ceilings looked horrible. They were not smooth at all. I communicated this with Frank and he said his work was guaranteed and he would come back. I didn't like the fact that he started blaming it on poor lighting in the house, which he didn't identify earlier. Plus, I would think most contractors have their own lights if needed.

Fast forward, he did come back - however, it was clear he wouldn't be spending long at my house. He stayed for about 30 minutes and patched some areas. I believe he knew how much work was involved in fixing everything, especially for someone who can point out every flaw in drywall, and decided he wouldn't do it.

A week later, I communicated to him that the ceilings were just not acceptable. I said he would need to spend at least a few hours at the house. He said no problem, he would come back and we set a date. A few days prior to the date, I tried to confirm details - he didn't respond. I follow up again, his wife responds saying he is sick and may need a COVID test. I say no problem and wish him well with his health. I follow up over a week later, he says he doesn't feel comfortable working during COVID time. I say no problem.

Some time later, I see that he is posting videos of him working on Facebook. So I ask if he can now come to my place and fix the ceilings. He says, his work is guaranteed but he now wants to get paid to come back and fix what he started. This totally irked me and drove me to write this review.

Frank, I was completely honest, trustworthy, patient, respectful and kind towards you. If I did anything wrong or misrepresented the situation in any way, let me know. However, I feel as though you have really taken advantage of me and honestly, I am quite sad that I have to write this review. Three people messaged me from my initial positive review, who were ready to give you their jobs, but I had to take back the recommendation.

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