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Safe, Honest, Fair 10/10

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Go with this guy, he is very knowledgeable, he is extremely honest, fair, and has insanely good work ethic.

I contacted Ronny through kijiji and then through phone. The job was to install a gas line for my in the backyard. Originally, I had wanted him to run pipes from the furnace, behind the drywall/ceiling/through some brick (many turns), all the way to the backyard. He let me know this was unsafe and poor practice, which I agreed after i thought about it.

Ronny offered an alternative solution which was to run a pipe from the front of my house (this is where the gas enters the house hold) to the back yard. He gave me a estimate which was competitive with his competitors. What really sold me was his value for safety and doing a good job. Ronny did not try to sell himself, he simply listend to my idea, told me it was unsafe, offered me an alternat solution, took some measurements and offered me an estimate.

Ronny arrived two weeks after our initial visit as the first week was a rainy day. He was unable to complete the task and came back the next day to finish the work. A third visit was required to paint the pipe.

On the third visit, I had already installed the BBQ and used it. He asked me if the BBQ was working, I mentioned yes. He showed me (on his Offical GAS license textbook thing that he carries around) that the pipe he installed was X feet and that at X feet with Y thickness pipe the BTU [British Thermal Units] output would be 65K~ which was the maximum BTU output for my BBQ. I told him it worked fine (but I dont really have a way to measure BTUs) so for all I know, it didn't work fine.

As Ronny was preparing the paint, he asked me if I would be using the BBQ in the winter, I mentioned yes, and he said he would change the pipe thickness such that when my furnace (which uses gas) was on, I would still be able to get the maximum potential of my BBQ.

He changed the pipe, and painted it. Everything worked out great and I will always recommend Ronny and continue to use his services. I should also mention he worked through dinner on the second day and offered me pizza which I would have gladly taken had it not for my extremely large dinner.

In the home improvement line of work, there are many shady characters. People like myself seek out professional expertise because I have no idea what to do/what is safe and what I am doing in general. Unfortunately because of the lack of training and knowledge, there are many times people will fall victim to poor workmanship, sloppy work, etc etc. I cannot recommend Ronny and his team enough. He does everything safe, he is very open and at no point in time did I feel uncomfortable with our business transaction, in fact, I remember it was very sunny and I had to pay him a desposit, he insisted he give me a receipt on the spot which I didn't care for because it was so hot and i wanted to get inside.

All in all, Thank you Ronny for your amazing work and professionalism. I hope this review helps your business grow and helps others make the right choice.

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