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Do not hire

I don't even know where to begin. Hired him for structural work. Engineers plans paid for out of my pocket, plans were not accurate.
Did not properly secure the work site.
Contractor was completely incompetent, wasted money and time, left me hanging for months without communication.
Finally found a professional vertically integrated company who is redoing the work.
Not to mention joists were taken out prematurely with no shoring. Lucky my house didn't collapse.

As you mentioned there was a problem with the structure. Why continue with domolition of the entire floor and wall structure. You never gave me a quotation for shoring the floor joists you demolished and continued to dig.

Per your email you brought a certified engineer to the site. How come he missed one entire section of foundation wall missing?

Why would you give me a partial quote for underpinning and leave my and my neighbours' house out of code? Was it your intention to start underpinning and knowingly increase the quote after because you and your engineer missed 8 ft of foundation wall.

You knew the joists and sill plate were old and deficient. As a contractor, why would you demolish the entire floor knowing it would further jeopardize the structure of the house.

As soon as you became aware why would you continue to dig the dirt supporting the sill plate.

I will be emailing you the cost that I've inccured in shoring my property and rectifying the sag of my exterior wall for which you are responsible.

Lastly I have still not received back both keys to my house. Having them for this amount of time is also not acceptable, and I asked you for them back approximately 10 days ago by email.

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Company Response

Thank you for your feedback. I consider my client relationships very important, and put significant effort into establishing these relationships based on trust and respect.
After your home purchase closed, the engineering plan for your original scope (replace dry rotted floor joists) was drafted by a well-respected firm, and approved for that scope by the City of Toronto. As you are now well aware, prior homeowners at your residence had taken measures to hide the true legacy structural condition of your home. Once access was established for the original scope and the true as-found extent of condition was identified (no foundation), work was stopped. Your original floor framing was providing absolutely no structural value due to dry rot and termite damage. Your perimeter structure was left untouched in order to maintain the existing structural integrity until a path forward was developed. The engineering firm was re-engaged to provide remedial direction for retro fit of footings and foundation walls.
It is unfortunate that the cost for remediation of the discovery work based on estimates from established subcontractors in the area was well beyond your budget and available funds. As you stated on more than one occasion, you have more time than money, and the project was suspended until you could establish funding or find an alternate path forward.
I wish you all the best in your path forward.