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Cassey16 in Brampton
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THIS COMPANY IS NOW SUING ME FOR $35,000 in DEFAMATION (for telling the truth and sharing my experience). I have paid them over $5280, I now have to pay another company over $2,500 to fix the leaks and now Toro wants an additional $35,000.
Hiring Toro Roofing has turned out to be a huge disappointment and the worse mistake and experience of my life. I feel that I was taken advantage of by this company. I didn't find them professional or trustworthy.
Jason informed me that I need to replace my roof in order to fix the problem/leaks I was having at my eavestrough.
AFTER PAYING THIS COMPANY OVER $5280, TEN VISITS FROM THEM and TWO MONTHS LATER, I'M STILL HAVING LEAKS. I'm having leaks in places where I never had any leaks prior. The worse part is that, I was told that it was normal. In hindsight, I don't believe anything was wrong with my roof and it did not need to be replaced.
I don't know why they now choose to mislead customers by not speaking the truth.
PICTURES shown are from TORO'S direct work on my eaves.
After the installation, I informed Jason that I was not satisfied. He got very angry/upset, rude and became very defensive and disrespectful. His behaviour scared me.

I honestly regret hiring this company.
Shingles blown off. Nails are still left on my roof. I have been picking nails/screws for the past month and debris in my A/C.
They kept coming back to fix issues but would still leave a trail of other issues. Each visit from them would result in further damage to my property.
It was very difficult for me to write this review but after hearing that it’s normal to have water drip behind the eaves, I had to share this information.
I want to share my experience so it can help another person.
If you decide to hire this company, please get an independent contractor to conduct a final inspection before making your final payment. PLEASE WATCH THEM WHILE THEY are working. Please take before and after pictures.
I am unable to get into the full scope of my TERRIBLE EXPERIENCE with TORO ROOFING INC in this review.
I had to file claim in court to get this issue resolve.

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Company Response

Hi Paulette, we are very surprised to receive a review like this from you. Two days ago you posted a perfect score on google for us with the following details:
"1000 stars!! A++++ . TORO Roofing Inc. deserves a TROPHY. This company should get an AWARD for the..."
Toro Roofing replaced your roof and did minor repairs on your eavestrough that was replaced by a different company months prior. Any issues with your eavestrough which was replaced earlier this year by another company should be directed towards that company. Our technician did not say that dripping is normal behind an eavestrough- he simply stated that he needed to see the dripping in action on a rain day which is a common practice in roofing. In regards to your comment on the drip edge, when you have a very low slope roof, it could lift the shingle up and in your case it did and that's why you were told not to install drip edge in the first place. No CertainTeed shingles require drip edge on any of their applications, it is a suggested application in certain circumstances. Also, there are no shingling manufacturers that have a drip edge requirement for warranty. Feel free to call the CertainTeed support number which is 1-800-782-8777. Also, the pictures you posted are of an eavestrough that was installed again by another company and the exposed wood was always there and is because the fascia metal does not go all the way up the fascia board which was also installed by another company and has absolutely nothing to do with a roof replacement project, which is what we were contracted to do on your home. You even let us know that your eavestrough installer told you to sue him because he he refused to come back to your home and that you were trying to get a full refund from him. We have already done a number of additional services on your home free of charge based off of your frustrations with a project that we did not do in the first place (eavestrough and downpipe replacement). We do wish that you were able to write this review directed at the company that installed this for you but assuming they don't have social media so you have taken your frustrations out on us. After providing Toro Roofing with a glowing review a couple days ago, you contacted us saying you noticed some dripping on your eaves. We responded right away asking you to send pictures but we couldn't see any issues in the pictures and told you just yesterday that we would send a technician the next time it rains so that he could see the leak in action when it rains tomorrow. You didn't respond to the email or our voicemail so again we are very shocked to see this review. We also would like to make it very clear that we did not threaten you in any way, shape or form. We simply let you know that posting false information about a business online to try and get additional free work and try to diminish our great reputation that we work very hard to maintain is unjust and we would have to take the necessary steps if you were not willing to be honest in your review.
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