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Microwave repair

I needed to have my built-in microwave fixed and seemed like a reputable company.

Wrong. It turned out to be an expensive nightmare.

I was quoted $80 for the initial inspection. When the tech guy arrived, he even had the invoice filled out right to the bottom line.

Things changed when he realized that owner of the house (me) was out of town and that I was a woman, and that my tenant, a lovely man, was Muslim. I'm guessing this combo of people tempted him to see if he could squeeze me for more.

On the phone he was condescending, explaining how a microwave worked as if talking to a toddler, then told me that he could service it and most likely repair it for about $280. I said that was fine.

Apparently, he crossed out the old figures on the invoice, scribbled in the new numbers and had my tenant sign it.

My tenant, thinking that the cost was too high, questioned the tech guy about it. He responded, “Not to worry, if the microwave needs new parts, they won’t charge for the installation, just the parts.”

He spent ten minutes looking at the microwave then informed my tenant that he couldn’t fix it, that it needed two parts.

That ten-minute cursory glance cost me $316 after taxes.

He said they would be in touch and left.

I week later, I got a new quote for the installation and the parts - $570. So, they were going to charge me $850 to fix a microwave that cost me about $600 to purchase.

I spoke to two customer service reps and they refused to bend on the cost. They said that the initial $80 was just for the technician to show up and the door, not the inspection. They didn’t state this when I booked them. When I asked about their hourly rate, they said they didn’t have one and their fees weren’t time based. So essentially the techie could charge whatever he wanted.

So, I fired them.

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