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Kitchen and bathroom disaster.

Renovate Plus
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If you are looking for poor quality and half finished work this is the company to hire. If you are looking for someone who is defensive and makes excuses when you tell them that the work is not up to standard or incomplete, then John is your man. When you tell him that his work is no good and that he has to come back and fix it, he calls you rude and abusive. he uses this tactic because he doesn't want to come back and finish the job.
I could only post a few photos ? This is my 2nd time posting this review. John contacted Homestars and told them he didn't do this work. So maybe he should give me my $25000.00 back. I've posted receipts so everyone can see. Just another examp,e of John's none truths. However I will do another review and post the rest of them. The first photo is of my
new drywall. It is concave and needs replacing. Also the plaster has not been sanded but has been sanded over. when I told John about this he stated " we always paint over the plaster before we sand it "
Wow. Unbelievable. Anyway I'm not going into detail about every picture. I can tell you that my contract said that all work was going to be done by the designated trade. this did not happen. I have a
window frame that doesn't join at the corner joints and was filled in
with caulking and not a neat job. It was done by a kid. The paint job in the kitchen is peeling in most spots and the underneath colour is
showing through in the parts where it is not peeling. Very cheap
paint. The contract states that the paint will be Benjamin Moore
Kitchen and bath. He used dulux in the kitchen and bathroom.
My back garden was used as a dumping ground for grout and plaster. This is just one example of john not respecting personal property. I have foot prints in my hallway that will not come off. My floor is ruined. My railings outside on my porch where the tile was
being cut, where black before John got there. Ive tried to clean them with the power washer but the white stain off the tile cutting machine will not come off. Along with my mat that they couldn't be
bothered to pick up . I have to get the railings painted and replace the mat. It seems i'm always cleaning up after these guys.
My grout on the kitchen floor has grout missing in lots of places. 1/4 round is missing and the piece of threshold that was put in has come off. He didn't bother putting anything by the kitchen door. Just left it ugly and bare.
The back splash in the kitchen has tiles protruding and in one spot it has an inch of mud behind it and it looks amateur and ugly. You can see that in pic #4
The tiler took off one my valances from my cupboards and instead of cutting it to size to fit because of the backsplash and putting it
back. he hid it in my spice cupboard. Which was found a couple of weeks later. Fixtures that John took down from my old bathroom that where to be used in my new bathroom went missing. I bought brushed nickel for accessaries for my bathroom, and just like it said in the contract John would supply moen fixture for the shower. He put in an ugly chrome shower handle and plate. he seems he just didn't care. The taps leak and the new ceiling in the bathroom got scraped and damaged when putting the shower glass in. The shower glass didn't come for another 2 weeks. John said he would put something together so we would be able to shower in the meantime. That didn't happen either. In fact the glass came when I was on vacation. I gave john permission to go and let the glass installers in. it seems he took pictures from a distance of my bathroom and posted them on social media. so everyone got to see my bathroom before I did. It's a pity he didn't take close ups. So people could see the truth.
I could go on and on. A word of warning buyer beware. I gave this company Renovate Plus $25,000. I only held back $2,000.
The cost to finish the work and paint job, and the damage that he done is about $5,000. Be cautious of the TOUCH UP word.
This job started on march 8th it was supposed to be done in 10 days tops. it is now June 10th. What a nightmare.
I will post more pics shortly.

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Company Response

Thanks so much for your review of Renovate Plus. We take customer service very seriously and we are very sorry to hear we could not meet your expectations Vicky. We have attempted to connect with you several times but unfortunately we were not given an opportunity to do our final work.  If there is any way we can connect and discuss, we would really love the opportunity to resolve the situation. Please feel free to contact me directly at 647 712 8001. Hopefully we can find a way to move forward and thanks again!