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I would not recommend this company to anybody. I called to repair my dryer and they got aggressive and angry when I asked to explain the quote. Furthermore after doing my own research I found out the part that was included my quote I was charged double for.

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Company Response

Hey Private User, I believe that you got us mixed up with a another company, we do not provide quotes over the phone simply because we cannot know what needs to be done before we take a look at the broken appliance and diagnose the problem. I (David) answer all the phone calls that come in and I would never get aggressive with one of our customers.

I just want to address what you mentioned regarding parts sold online. Customers sometimes want to make sure that they are paying the right price for the necessary part so they go online to look it up. We do not get our parts online, we get them directly from the manufacturer so we can provide good quality parts with a manufacture's warranty. Sometimes you can find the part online for less, but it is not going to be the same quality as the original part.