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Never use these people

Run. Run far away from this terrible company. They have ruined my life and they have no problem with it. ‘A contract is a contract’ should be their slogan. Never mind that contract is being signed under duress after intimidation tactics and nobody will help you after that contract is signed.

I hired them based on a quote for 9500 lbs. My move was booked for the 12th. On the 8th, I advised by email that the closing date on my new home was the 31st and Tania replied to say that the delivery was booked for that date. Perfect! This becomes relevant later on.

On the 11th I had a call from the scheduling department to let me know my movers would be there between 4 and 5 pm, I reminded them that we had a storage unit and it would be very dark there. We had been told our move would be in the morning so I was surprised to hear the timeline.

On the 12th the driver called to tell me they were going to be there by 6. They didn’t get to storage until just before 7 pm. We were back to my home by 8 pm and they started loading the truck by 8:30 pm. By 11:30 pm, one of the men told me I had significantly more than 9500 lbs. I told him that wasn’t the case, and he pointed out that the truck was almost full. I was so confused, as I had even sold large items (a couch and loveseat) that had been on the initial inventory. They kept loading.

By 1:30 am we started outside. As it was only two men who said they had been working since 1 am the previous day, I tagged all my belongings inside to keep them moving. I couldn’t get the tags to stick to anything outside as it was all wet at this point. At 2:30 am, the contract came out. I had just tipped the drivers because I felt terrible they were working so late.

The driver told me that my lid was over 24k lbs. I said absolutely not, there was no way. We were only moving one appliance, one queen bed and light furniture and boxes. There was no way I had that much. He said to me, ‘if we weigh this, you’ll be sorry’. I told him I wanted it weighed because the spreadsheet from the office included everything on the truck and I didn’t believe him. He told me the office didn’t know what they were doing and that I’d regret having it weighed. He became more aggressive and pushy and then told me he’d mark down 21k lbs but that if he showed up with the truck full and any less than that, he’d be in trouble. At this point I was crying and shaking, terrified as I couldn’t afford 21k lbs but I certainly couldn’t afford the 24k or more if they weighed it. He then started to tell me I’d be charged other things if I wanted it weighed, like a stair surcharge etc.... I was in a total panic and signed the 21k under duress. He assured me I could speak to the office the next day.

By 3:41 am I had emailed the office. I knew the drivers were going back to Toronto and I texted them directly too, to tell them I wanted my load weighed, that I didn’t feel comfortable with how things had gone. No answer. I finally had to call the office on Monday, they said a manager would reach out. You can guess how that turned out.

By Friday, no manager. I was finally able to get one (Michelle) on the phone. She was hostile from the start, telling me I should have called the police if I was in danger and that I should have had them unload my belongings on my yard that night... at 2:30 am. It was insane. Finally she agreed it should not have happened. She would investigate.

Tuesday I called to ask for an update, I received an email back saying it was he said/she said and that’s contract is a contract. She said the warehouse manager was making sure this never happens again. If nothing was wrong, why do this?! She offered me a 5% weight reduction. I asked for 10%, nobody ever replied.

I sent daily payments, while literally begging them to reduce my bill and not accept my etransfers. They took them every time and ignored me. Finally I asked them to confirm that my belongings would arrive on the 31st and I was told if I paid my balance by the 25th, it would be there the 31st. Now, nobody was providing me with any breakdowns or proof of payments applied to date so I calculated my new total after the 5% weight reduction and paid the balance based on that. On the 27th I asked for confirmation my belongings would be there on the 31st and was given 40 minutes to pay them more money or else they’d reroute my stuff and charge me yet another fee. I asked how much and they said I owed over $4600. That was insane, I sent them proof of my payments. They then said there was no record of the 5% reduction and I’d have to pay it all. By 7 pm I was having a meltdown, couldn’t breathe, thought I was having a heart attack. I begged them to confirm my payments had been received and that my stuff would be there on the 31st again. I ended up having to send them $1612 after they claimed an accounting error.

My stuff was now set to arrive on the 31st.

On the 29th I received a call from the driver telling me he’d be delivering the next day. I told him sorry, that wouldn’t work as I don’t have a home until the 31st. He said he’d leave it in the garage. I said no and told him I was calling the company. That was one of the worst things I’ve ever experienced, they told me I had two options - pay for storage at my own expense plus pay them 21 cents a lb (at 21k lbs) to unload into the storage unit or pay a rerouting fee and have my stuff sent eventually- for another fee. I begged them, sobbing on the side of the highway, to please not do this to me. My move that should have been no more than $5000 was now up to over $13000 and they wanted more from me. I asked if they could hire a second crew and that’s when they admitted they had been trying to since 8 am. Suddenly, they offered to find a crew to offload the truck to another truck and deliver on the 31st - for a fee of $1500 but I had 5 minutes to decide or they were sending my truck back to Toronto. My child was with me, terrified her stuff was gone forever. I paid the $1500.

On the 30th, the driver called to say he was delivering that night. I told him no, I didn’t own the house yet and I had just paid $1500 to delay the delivery to the original date of the 31st. He was angry with me.

That night I sent him screenshots of my conversations where the 31st was confirmed in writing.

They never hired a new crew. They just extorted more money out of me.

On the 31st he tells me that he wasn’t able to back the truck into the driveway so I’d need to pay an additional fee. I broke down in the back of his truck, this is when I noticed that my belongings didn’t even take up a quarter of the 53 foot trailer. How could it have filled the 26 foot truck? I asked him how they determine the fee, he told me it was by weight on the contract. I started to cry, he felt terrible and told me he wasn’t going to charge me that weight because he knew I absolutely didn’t have 21k lbs and he was going to charge me $400 for the 10k and under fee. I had to pay him so they’d unload.

By the time my move was done, I had paid these people just over $15,000. I am sick. I have felt suicidal over this. I have been financially devastated. The company will not communicate with me.

They have ruined me.

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