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Stone Deck Innovations
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I contacted Paverdeck for information about having an elevated deck installed and I was passed onto Stone Deck Landscapes. Stone Deck Landscapes referred me to a Paverdeck Authorized Contractor. I would not recommend Stone Deck Landscapes in terms of them recommending contractors due to my personal experience with the Paverdeck Authorized Contractor.

Issues with deck: Deck size incorrect, a peice of steel panel not cut flush to concrete sill and the the paver cannot cantilever on this part of the deck, water membrane not installed properly and water leaking under deck, broken pavers where they drilled the posts in, and safety issues. I was supposed to be given a field report for the helical piles that I needed to give the city inspector. The report shows info about how deep the piles are in the ground, torque, how much weight each piles supports, etc (enginerred drawings show for 3500 pounds each post). This was suppose to be given to me a day after the piles were installed. I was asking for them for two weeks and i was given excuses and the contractor and engineer refused to provide them to me. Even after I emailed the city inspector and copied the engineer and contractor about the field report, still nothing. I believe they were not installed according to the engineer drawings which is why they were never provided. The railing posts were suppose to be installed with 4 bolts going through the pavers and steel, then an extra piece of steel was suppose to be mounted under with washers and nuts. The contractor installed some posts with 2 bolts, others with 3, some not even penetrating the steel and no extra steel, washers or nuts. I sent the contractor an email questioning him about the installation of the railings and he told me the engineer approved everything structurally. The engineered drawings show that they should have been installed according to the steel manufacturers specifications, which they were not.

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Company Response

Mr. Parusis

I want to be clear on the situation surrounding your review to ensure full disclosure.

You contacted Stone Deck Landscapes looking for information on the Paverdeck product and a possible contractor. We referred you to our list of Experienced Contractors on our website. You contacted two of them for consultation selecting one of them to do the work and in September you emailed us praising the work of the contractor you selected.

Subsequently, you identified some issues with your deck. The contractor was very clear that they were more than willing to address the deficiencies. However, you proceeded to make unreasonable demands of them insisting the entire deck be taken apart and replaced with all new materials. When your contractor declined your unreasonable request, you then proceeded to contact Stone Deck Landscapes as well as the Paverdeck manufacturer directly, looking for assistance.

Both Stone Deck Landscapes and Paverdeck verified that the contractor was willing to deal with the deficiencies identified, but both companies confirmed it was unnecessary and unreasonable to take the entire deck structure apart and replace it with all new materials.

Unsatisfied with this, you then gave the contractor an ultimatum of either replacing the deck with all new materials or remove the structure and return your money. The contractor chose the latter option, the structure was removed, and all your money has been refunded.

Stone Deck Landscapes, Paverdeck, and the contractor you selected have a proven track record of quality work and customer satisfaction. It is unfortunate you insisted on making unreasonable requests, as I am confident you would have been enjoying your beautiful new stone deck at this time.