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I had a similar negative experience with this company. Sorry for the long post but I have been dealing with this company for 3 months trying to get my money back. I booked a "last minute special" 4-hour clean for $100. Once the appointment was scheduled I was asked for a $50 deposit, which I provided through e-transfer the same day. The cleaning was scheduled for 10:00am on December 30, 2017; however, at 4:48pm on December 29, 2017 I was sent a message stating that although she would attend the next day, she could not start until closer to 12:45pm. The new time would not work for my schedule and I requested a refund if another Saturday appointment was not available. After a few days of messaging, we agreed to re-book on January 13, 2018 at 9am. On January 13, 2018 at 8:08am Retro Mom Services sent me a message stating that she would not be able to attend for the cleaning. She ended her message with "I will send you the $50 refund today." By January 16, 2018 I had not received the $50 refund so I sent Retro Mom Services a message asking for the money to be refunded. After a few more days of sending messages asking for the refund and receiving a variety of reasons why it had not occurred but would happen "right away," I received a message on January 23, 2018 stating that the money was being held in a "specialty account that takes a while to transfer out" and that it would be sent to me as soon as it was released. By January 30, 2018 I still had not received the refund so I made a complaint to the Better Business Bureau.

Retro Mom Services replied to my BBB complaint with numerous inaccuracies including that I had been told when I booked the appointment that there were "no refunds" and that she had never provided a date by which I would receive the refund; however, she would provide the refund by the first week of February 2018. She seemed to forget that all of our interactions were in writing so I was able to provide screen shots of every message - none of which mentioned her apparent "no refund" policy and three of which identified that she intended to return the refund "that day." In addition, she claimed that she had "never" withdrawn funds from her account before and was not aware of the process. After I sent the screen shots of our conversations, Retro Mom Services suggested that I could still use the $50 deposit or gift it or sell it to someone else. By this point I had no intention of allowing this company into my home or suggesting that someone else use her services, so I declined her offer and again asked for the refund that she promised.

As of today (March 22, 2018) Retro Mom Services still has not provided my $50 refund although she promised to do so many times. I would understand her reluctance to return my refund if I had been the one to change and cancel the appointments without notice but she was the one who did that. The BBB has closed the complaint but has informed me that the details will be made available on their website. I encourage anyone considering using this company to read the full complaint including the screen shots of all of our interactions. I wish I had seen these negative reviews before I booked with her but I only read the ones on her Facebook page - my mistake.

As you can see, the company responded to my review. Their response is again inaccurate. As I noted in my BBB complaint and provided written evidence for the same, the company never informed me of a "no refund" policy. In addition, given that it was the company (and not me) who was unable to attend the scheduled appointments, providing a refund makes sense and would be good customer service. They also repeatedly offered a refund but never followed through. This seems to be a pattern for this company given the number of negative reviews on this site alone.

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Company Response

You were advised there were no refunds on the deposit, after attempting many rescheduled dates. You are still able to compete your booking if you choose