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mylihh in Ottawa
mylihh in Ottawa
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Worst service ever

I received a quote for moving our household from Upper Tantallon, NS to Nepean, ON, February 18th for $1040: $0.50/lb x 2000 lbs.

The actual charge ended up being 1730 + HST = 1954, which means the initial quote was deceptively too low. They refused to unload the truck unless you sign off on the higher price, which means they hold you hostage. Complaining to your credit card company of the inflated price then is useless because of your signature.

Their price match policy is deceptive because they're matching the price per kg, and then lowball their kg estimate of the move to underquote the competition.

Then, in early February, I called to confirm the day and time of pick up, and the estimated day of delivery; I was told Feb 17 I would receive a call confirming time of pick up on the 18th, and that delivery would be 2-4 days (21-22 Feb).

BUT: We did not receive the day before call, and I had to call first thing on the 18th to get the pick up time. I was told 4-6pm. This was our planned departure day and we could not wait ourselves, but left my mother in charge of the pick up.

The pick up actually happened around lunch time. The crew dismantled the bunk beds to load on the truck. After they left, while she was cleaning up, my mother discovered a few screws and brackets from the beds that they had left behind and has subsequently mailed that to us at our own cost.

When we next called for an update on delivery time, we were told Feb 28th - a full week later than our original quote. We husband called repeatedly to confirm this date, and always got Feb 28, with assurance that the day before we would be called to confirm a time.

BUT: We never got that call. So, we called the morning of the 28th but only got through to answering machines. Sunday the 29th we finally got a text saying delivery would be that evening. It was about 7:30 - 8 pm when the truck finally came.

The delivery felt rather rushed. Blankets and runners were put down, but our carpets were still soiled as the movers did not restrict themselves to the runners, nor did they put the runners all the way to the bedrooms. They also broke a picture during the move. They also pulled a strip off our hardwood floor step, but replaced it on the spot.

In addition, a whiteboard was damaged before entering the house: a few deep dents and the frame has been pulled off at one corner.

And, a table leg was ripped off the table, but we repaired it with a few screws.

The bunk bed mattresses are missing and the screws and brackets to put it back together. The onsite movers told us that there were in one of our boxes. We were not told which box. We have now opened all the boxes we received and have not found the screws and brackets. Upon closer inspection of the inventory list, we discovered that a RubberMate, and at least one other carton is missing also. We are not sure of this carton’s number because the stickers were off these boxes by the time we inspected them, but I can only account for 19 of the 20 cartons listed on the inventory.

The actual cost of the the move was $1954.90. Almost double the quote of $1040. This is actually higher than all other quotes we received, even one that sent a person to walk through and visually estimate the cost.

The bunk beds and mattresses were only a few months old (purchased in September), and are necessary for our children to sleep on. Currently, they are sleeping on the floor. Two whole bunk bed mattresses were lost. We recovered some screwed mailed to us by my mother, but other screws and brackets are missing.

Attempting to complain to Landmark was a nightmare. Promises to return calls and process applications were not met. Their resolution for these complaints is to:
1. Refuse to apologize
2. Offer only $200 for the damaged and missing parts, which doesn't even cover a bunk bed mattress, let alone the bunk bed that cannot be re-assembled without the missing parts. They restrict their legal liability to 60 cents / pound, which doesn't come close to replacement cost of the things we lost.

They could not have done a worse job, either before, during, or after the move, nor treated us with less contempt. Do not use this mover.

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