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John in Burnaby
John in Burnaby
1 review Burnaby, BC

Window and gutter cleaning

After finishing a large renovation in 2016, I decided to hire Imagine Maintenance to do gutter/window cleaning and pressure washing of my property.

Two employees were sent out, one cleaned the gutters and windows (which I was satisfied with) and the other employee who obviously had no training or work ethic did the pressure washing. Major stripes were left in my large driveway due to missed uncleaned spots, this employee was so lazy instead of moving two empty garbage cans he decided just to go around them. ( Viewed on my cctv cameras). I decided not to bother complaining due to dealing with other trades for the reno.

2017 came and after calling several other companies that had long wait lists, due to being too busy, I decided to give Imagine Maintenance another shot. I explained my dissatisfaction of the previous year, and settled for gutter and window cleaning only, no pressure washing and a reduced rate.

They sent an employee over and for attest the first twenty minutes after arriving this employee just stood on my patio leaned on my railing doing absolutely nothing, (viewed on my cctv camera), I thought to myself great another winner.

After finally getting to work, I checked up on the gutter cleaning and I was satisfied with the job so far, i watched from inside as he cleaned the windows and seemed like he got all areas.

After work was done I declined a walk around as i checked on the progress a few times, i couldn't tell how clean the windows were as they were still wet. I signed the work off and paid the employee.

Later that night the windows dried and they were very dirty, worse than before!!! After reviewing the cctv, it appears he used the dirty gutter bucket of soapy water to clean the windows!! (All 16 windows needed to be redone).

As I was busy at work I got my fiancé to call to complain, she said the manager todd was very defensive, so I called him very upset.

I complained regarding the employee doing nothing upon arriving, his response? I pay same amount regardless what employee does or how long he takes??

As for the dirty windows (See attached AFTER photo), He said well you did sign it off? Well am i supposed to keep your employee there for several hours until it dries and then sign it off????

He did offer to "come take a look". After paying over $900 over the two years and the poor customer service and poor quality of work I declined.

Point of this review: DO NOT sign off work until, all windows and sidewalks are dry so you can inspect work, as Todd said you pay same amount regardless of amount of time the employee is there.

There are a lot of better companies out there in my opinion.

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Company Response

Hi John,

Thanks for all your honest feedback on all of our social media profiles. We’re a small boutique company but at the risk of sounding like a big corporation we do actually take your feedback with gratitude and seriousness. While I feel some of your points such as the “standing around”, the work sign-offs, and Todd’s defensiveness are being misrepresented in a way that is likely being fuelled by your feelings about your experience with us, I can totally understand. I might do the same if I saw things as you see them. I likely have in the past and it’s only natural.

I have to mention though that hands down we are 100% responsive. You’re unhappy, you call, we come fix it no questions. It’s always been that way here and we are still standing by this policy. This was true last last year, when we didn’t hear from you, and it’s just as true now. In fact it's a such a simple and easy policy to enact that I'm having a difficult time understanding how it's come to this.

As I understand it Todd had made arrangements with your partner to come, outside our operating hours, and reclean the areas you were unhappy with personally. I can’t think of a better response to a callback than to take personal ownership of something someone else did. Again, this is how we operate. We’re small and every customer matters. I invite you to call and speak with me personally, and please, tell me what would make you happy here.