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Cochrane Customer
Cochrane Customer
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Bosch Dishwasher

The company response is false and misleading. They are fully aware, it was ONLY THEIR company, VALLEY VIEW, who had been out on previous occasions and charged for the service call on previous occasions. Also contrary to their claim, their tech spent only 20 minutes looking at the unit, didn't seem to know what he was doing, and then gave a bogus "rewiring" quote. They charged for this service call and the part and replaced the same part that they had replaced upon their last visit several months ago. No one from the company would come back out for a second opinion unless I agreed to pay the quote of $800 - $1000. Their claim of mouse droppings causing the unit to break are also false. The company is very hard to deal with and very rude also, I imagine they are very tired of dealing with dissatisfied customers. After no success in dealing with this company, I hired another company also referred by the dishwasher manufacturer, who replaced a missing float in the dishwasher, likely removed by Valley View's technician on their last visit. They thoroughly checked wiring to be all ok, and replaced some screws left unattached by Valley View's technician. I have still not heard back from Steve or anyone from the company regarding this, even though there is no excuse, they are now fully aware of my issues with the service I have received and paid for.

Valley View Appliances was referred to me directly from Bosch, as a repair company for my Bosch dishwasher as it was not draining and continued to refill and cycle without turning off. Several months ago, after much waiting, missed appointments without notification, and no apologies, replaced a valve which temporarily fixed the dishwasher. When the dishwasher was not draining yet again, I called them and told them it seemed like the same problem. We waited weeks for them to come, then they rescheduled the appointment saying that they knew what the problem was and had to order a part so there would be a further delay. We waited and finally they came to replace the valve again, but now the dishwasher is not even turning on. Weeks later the tech claimed that there is $1000 of electrical work on the dishwasher that needs to be done and that was the problem. I discovered afterward that they charged my credit card $146.49, for the second time. After 3 requests for reply they finally provided me with a copy of the bill. When I enquired with Valley View they said they would not offer another opinion, and to call another company. If they were to come back to take another look I would be charged $1000 for their quote. I asked to speak to the manager, Steve, I was told "he'd get to me when he'd get to me". Very unhelpful and arrogant. Still have yet to hear from him. I called a different Appliance repair company also referred by Bosch instead this time and they will be out today to fix the dishwasher, and this is not the first time they had heard about this scenario from Valley View. DO NOT USE VALLEY VIEW APPLIANCES, THEY SHOULD BE PUT OUT OF BUSINESS!

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Company Response

Dear Mrs. Jones,
How upsetting it is to see your comments about our company. In life there is always two sides to every story.
Here is what I know of this call. On June 15/14 we were scheduled to service the Bosh dishwasher at your rental property. The technician involved discussed the issue with the tenant and it was agreed upon by both that we would pre-order the required part and reschedule and return with the required part. On June 27/14 the tenant had rescheduled as this was the date she was available. Our technician arrived at 9:36 AM and worked on the unit till 11:07AM. The required water valve was installed, however as soon as the power was re-engaged the new part was damaged. The technician discovered that there was a rodent infestation and that the rodent's had chewed multiple wires throughout the entire wiring harness. Not being able to exactly know the true extent of the damages caused by the rodents our quote was between $800-$1000.00. Our recommendation at the time was to contact Bosch to see if they would be able to help with some of the parts costs. The tenant had advised the technician that other multiple companies had tried fixing this unit prior and had failed. She had indicated that there were multiple requests to yourself to replace the dishwasher prior to our call out.
The reason we had not sent the technician back for a second look was due to the 1.5 + hours already spent examining all of the wiring harness and components and felt this was a very fair and proper assessment of your dishwasher. The charges that you paid for were for a diagnosis $99.95 as well as the installed inlet valve at our cost $39.56 + GST $6.98 = $146.49. We feel this was an honest and fair charge for the service provided.
At no time do we have documented that you had asked to speak to myself or a manager.
Steve Krause
Valley View Appliances Ltd.