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Read my review before proceeding

August 1st we started a full renovation project. We had our own contractors doing everything but the floors as we wanted to retain the original hardwood floors but refinish and stain it white. We Requested Services from BC Floors. BC Floors owner came on-site to do an inspection and quote. Our request was to refinish our floors and stain them white. We showed him pictures of the white floors we were looking for. I paid the deposit of $2800. They started two days late which means I missed two days of work that my contractors could have used. After sanding the entire floor (4 days) they applied the White stain and my floors which went a shade of Pink – we were very shocked. After saying this is unacceptable the flooring guys said “what did you expect as you cannot stain red oak floors white”. They tried grey stain and natural stain but we did not like the colors – we hired them to provide us white floors not a shade of pink, blue, or any color.

We have now invested $2800 dollars for white floors and they basically saying we can’t get White floors with Red Oak – so why did you take our money??? They further commented that Oleg should have known this. We went home that evening and did some research and found that “White” can be achieved but only by bleaching the floors first. We sent this information to Oleg and now they wanted to charge us even more to attempt this technique which they also had never done before. We were really stuck now. The was extremely disappointing was we hired them as the professionals and never once warned us about this until it’s too late…. They took the job and our money without knowing that they could achieve what we wanted, Oleg even said this many times that this was the first time they had never done this before, so basically we were the first trial and it’s on our dollar??? This would have been nice to know upfront. To anyone reading this, this is un-acceptable.

After many calls with Oleg and he outright said this was entirely his fault and that he would rectify the issue BUT only if we pay him more money to “try” the bleaching but without guarantees this would work. We declined as we had now lost 3 weeks and we had now delayed our move in date by 4weeks… and we knew at this point they were unable to deliver. If we had been warned up front we would have simply got new floors to start with. After three weeks of back and forth we decided to go with new floors. BC Floors offered to sell us floors at cost but they would not be able to install for another few days. My contractors could get the materials for less and install the floors within two days, so naturally we went with this option. Oleg offered to pay us back 155 dollars of our deposit, I requested the fully deposit be refunded as we now had to buy new floors on top of the deposit we paid them. He refused so I notified him I would report this to the Better Business Bureau and speak to my lawyers as his mistake cost us our deposit, 4 weeks of rent, time going back and forth – over 5K at least and with the new floors anther $3600 (laminate and we can’t afford wood now). He responded saying that he would go to my workplace and report me as abusing his workers as they are immigrants – which so am I???? I realized at this point the type of people I was dealing with and the type of business they run.

I am looking at all my options at this point but I am writing this review to warm you as if they do a good job great but if they make any mistakes they will not take accountability and will still take you money which is the worst kind of business.

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Company Response

Chasing your designer's ideas, try not to forget about other people who sweat over your floors. Dear Daniel, we expected your review. Thank you. This is just a proof that you are not looking for a fair resolution, but rather trying to manipulate us. Our workers did a significant amount of work for you - completed floor installation of the area that needed replacement, sanded the entire floor of 900 sq ft , finished 2 rooms and a kitchen (about 400 sq ft) with the clear finish that YOU APPROVED. The work was done very well. It was the matter of your personal taste. According to you, Daniel, this costs $0 dollars. Everybody makes mistakes. And whenever we do, we are always responsible for them. Always! We have had that before and always resolved those situations. Your case is different. We addressed every point that you listed below: First of all, the sample of the White stain on the red oak was provided to you prior to commencing the job. This stain colour is called White by the supplier Bona, not us, so we even emailed an image to you as everybody might expect different whites (everybody has white teeth, but are they really all white?). You agreed to the colour that we provided an image of and confirmed the refinishing services. - We kept you updated on all changes with the schedule. We were always in contact with you on the dates. Within those first 4 days of work we SANDED THE WHOLE AREA of almost 900 sq ft of flooring and did an installation of NEW FLOORING in the kitchen area plus repair of floors in the living room. We applied the satin on your floors as a sample. When you saw the colour on your particular floor, you noticed a pink undertone which you did not like (it is your personal preferences and preferences of your interior designer). It is your home and you did not like the sample on the floor which is absolutely fine. We suggested to see if you like the natural colour of the floor. So our refinisher applied a clear coat of satin finish on a 3 x 3 area of your floors as a sample. Both our workers (our refinisher and installer) were there and you approved to go ahead. So our refinisher finished 2 rooms and a kitchen with that clear finish. You ended up not liking the colour again. The work was done very well. It was the matter of your personal taste. - You asked about bleaching which involves work with very STRONG CHEMICALS and we said we could do it (but we did not recommend this option as bleaching damages the wood a lot - that is the reason we do not offer this service in the first place) but at additional price as it was not part of the contract signed. You were taking time to make a decision. So our workers had to wait for a few days. As per your further request, our refinisher got all the tools and products to make a sample of bleaching on your floors. By the way, they were working on Saturday and Sunday to get it done for you sooner. He applied bleaching products on your floor on a small area as a sample. You liked it and wanted to proceed with 2-3 applications of bleach, but without having to pay anything extra for it. Every application of bleach takes time and costs money for the materials. A few days later you refused to proceed due to an additional charge for an extra service - a few applications of bleaching. - As we found out later, you were originally considering two options for your flooring that you never mentioned to us 1) refinishing and staining or 2) white laminate installation over the existing floor. So you wanted now to put a new laminate in. Once again, to keep you happy as a Customer, we suggested to supply and install the laminate for you at bare costs (at our direct prices from suppliers). You refused for your own reasons.