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Lawn Cutting for my small backyard and front side.

Brayden provided me a good quote and offer to pay at the end of the month. He insisted in cutting once or twice per week, and din't want to respond to my request to delay until I see consistent growth with the lawn so that I can get real value for the money paid. The last service was scheduled on Thursday and no one showed up. I checked with Brayden and he said they will come on Friday. I requested him to skip this time, as the Lawn in bad condition, lots of weeds, and it is not yet grown to extent that needs cutting, but he insisted. So, I came on Monday evening, and I checked the backyard, and I could say that either the service was not done, or it was done very poorly (quickly). Brayden insisted that it was done. I sent him pictures immediately (aprox 3.5 days after it was done as per Brayden), and from the pictures, it is clear that there is no sign of cutting, or it was done very quickly. See the pictures added. You can see there are lots of weeds, and very little grass.

I am not happy with the last service done, nor with the customer service.

I request a refund or redo to service when the lawn needs cutting.


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Company Response

We at TurfNDirt do offer a good price for the services we provide. Lawn cutting in order to improve the lawn needs to be weekly or biweekly. The first time we went to this property it was five feet tall! This is not something easy to cut. It takes a lot of work to cut a weed field with lawn equipment. Then it needs to be bagged and hauled away which costs more. I cannot imagine the neighbours looking at a lawn cut only once per month. The poor neighbours. The last service scheduled was the Thursday however the area received heavy amount of rain and flooding. It was also thundering and lightning which is also unsafe to work in so it was postponed till Friday. The lawn was cut on the Friday as they did attend and they did lower the lawn equipment as low as possible. You were not paying for the whole area to be cut by a weedwhacker and shaved to dirt . That is reserved for edging purposes only. We have received a lot of rain over this particular weekend which helps weeds grow faster than grass. The photos were taken half way through a normal grass cutting week ( every 7 days which is a proper service for a homeowner who would actually like to improve the area and keep the property nice ) which cannot possibly show what it looked like when it was done on the Friday. TurfNDirt also as a professional offered a quote for a Weed & Feed Service to try and help this lawn and did not follow through on a program through us. We do not "shave" lawns good or bad as it is against our policies and procedures in promoting healthy lawns. Even though you have very little healthy lawn. Weeds grow faster than lawn! It is too bad we could come to an agreeable solution for both of us. It seems you are only interested in a "cheap" occasional service with a tractor to cut your field of weeds. We are not a good fit to work together and sometimes relationships do not work out and that is OK. We hope one day your property will have a chance to look better and you value a good service when you find it. Our customers who value the work we do can be showcased in our other reviews, and it is too bad you want to hurt a growing company who cares about the services they provide. I believe only to get a refund for work that was completed.