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Marjorie  in Ottawa
Marjorie in Ottawa
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Hired Call Jamie painting & drywall services to remove approx 600 sq feet of popcorn ceilings for the cost of $3,700.Paid a deposit of $925 on June 26/2019 & the company chose the date of the work to begin which was Monday July 8/2019.Everything seemed fine that is until they emailed us on the afternoon of Friday July 5 saying they needed to change the starting date to Tuesday July 9,a little inconvenient but not a big deal.They then emailed us on Monday July 8 @ 3:43 pm saying that they now had to cancel the work. completely because " Jamie injured his leg yesterday"which would have been Sunday July 7,in their email to us on Tuesday July 9 they say "as soon as it happened I sent you an email to let you know" which is obviously not true.If they did take just 30 seconds to notify us "right away" when they say the so called injury happened on Sunday July 7 Instead of the next day @ almost 4:00 pm they could have saved us several hours of removing & then having to put back all the furniture & items in the areas the work was going to be done in but clearly they were not concerned with their client.I'm not sure why other than for sympathy but in their last email to us they actually mentioned how many kids they have, well they were charging us $3,700 for 4 or 5 days of work so I typically don't have too much sympathy for people who earn $700-$900 per day.So to summarize the situation here it is

1) they chose the work start date - we said OK
2) they asked for 25% deposit - we said OK
3) they changed the initial start work date - we said OK
4) they cancelled the job (with less than 24 hours notice) we said NOT OK

on their invoice they took the time to clearly write that deposits are NON REFUNDABLE so you can be absolutely sure if we cancelled(especially with less than 24 hour notice) they would have 100% kept every single penny of that deposit so why in the world should their be no consequences for the other side cancelling ? All communication with this company was by email so if the company says even one single word of my review is not accurate, we will publish the emails.

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Company Response

When you hire a company where only one person does all the work (which I let you know upfront) things come up, emergencies happen. No services have been rendered. Most people would understand and wish the person a speedy recovery, not you though. It’s unfortunate, yet we are fortunate that you didn’t end up being a customer of ours. Anyone who knows Jamie’s work ethic and pride, knows that he would always come through on a promise unless hurt or a family death. You folks have gone out of your way to spite us. Sometimes it’s best to not react on emotion, think it through before spreading hate online. You people are very malicious and hurtful. I hope another reputable company out there stays clear of this place. As Jamie sits home in pain, these rude people sit in delight as they have attempted to harm our company’s well earned name because they don’t believe the truth. For anybody wanting more information please reach out to us directly as we are happy to speak further and honest on this matter. You will always receive top quality work and service with Jamie.