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Susan  from Nanaimo
Susan from Nanaimo
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Absolute Vanlines
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I have not had a good experience with Absolute Van Lines. The move of personal goods was from Windsor, Ontario to Vancouver, B.C. They told me my shipment was 1820lbs. After the delivery men loaded my goods into our truck and camper on the delivery date (sept 27) I took the truck to the Municiple Transfer Station in North Vancouver to be weighed. I weighed the truck before the goods were loaded and after. The weight of my shipment was 853 lbs. Absolute Van Lines charged me for an extra 967 lbs. I reweighed each item on a household scale as well when I got home and it came to 864lbs.
Since the delivery on Sept 27th, 2014 I have been trying to reach Millicent or Nicole to discuss the dispute without sucess. I keep getting put off.
I was not given an itemized inventory list by the driver in Windsor. The delivery man in Vancouver did not have an inventory list to give me. I had to go by a list my brother made for me in Windsor.
The quote stated that I could pay by Visa but when it came time to deliver my goods I was told I could not pay by visa because their machine was down. I was told I had to pay by bank draft or money order or else I would not get my shipment. When I told them Visa informed me that I could pay thru their Merchant Services Company, Absolute Van Lines told me their bank would not allow this.
I have requested a refund for the 967lb over charge on weight (a $588.90 difference). I hope that they will settle this dispute in a professional and timely manner and refund my money before I take further action.
My advise to everyone is to have their goods weighed before Absolute Van Lines picks up your goods. Or arrange to go to the weigh station with them. Smaller items were put in a large cardboard box provided by Absolute Van Lines. These items were not individually wrapped and damage was done to my 2 anitque lamp tables.

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