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Kris  from Toronto
Kris from Toronto
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Leone is not an honest man. Please take it from someone who has been ripped off, you will not be pleased with his service. Besides the fact that he abandoned garbage on our lawn, severely damaging the grass and taking down our fence without putting it back up, he also took over 6 weeks to complete a job that he promised would take no more than a week. The concrete laid down cracked after only a week, rebars were never installed and the stamp concrete came out three tone. The concrete poured was no where near level and our weeping tiles was left blocked. This man claimed to build townhouse complexes but completed work that no professional would leave their name on. The workers only worked 2-4 hours a few days every 2 weeks. Calls were unreturned and he never came back to cut the concrete or put back the fence that was taken down without homeowners permission. After abandoning garbage all over our lawn and a dumpster on our driveway with no response to calls, he than had the dumpster bill that he was supposed to cover put in our names. We now have to pay another contractor to come in and redo his work. It took him 3 weeks from pouring the concrete to come in and put the sealing coat. Stay far away from this contractor. Numerous neighbours have knocked on our doors also looking for him with similar horror stories of abandoned garbage and I completed jobs. Did I mention that his business card has false information including a false address. He uses no last name on any paper work, probably to dodge other u stratified clients. Please find someone else to do the job he never even finished what was promised!!!

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Company Response

The Client is NOT always right and the contractor is NOT always at fault.
In this case the contractor is NOT at fault. The lawn was not severely damaged. Plus the contract states in writing that the company is not responsible for landscaping, which the client acknowledged at the start. The fence was taken down due to the fact to allow machine to enter the back. The fence was restored with new planks and posts at no extra cost. We also have pictures to show this. The "job" took 6 weeks because waterproofing was later added to the job. This delayed the original cement job. She also called in other companies to make sure everything was being done properly and they all agreed that it was being done properly and professionally. Rebars were placed which should have been charged extra but wasn't, we also have pictures to prove this. Fibre was also added to the cement. The weeping tiles were already blocked from before but the client decided not to have it fixed. We never claimed to build townhouse complexes. We work with cement around or inside the buildings not the actual buildings. My workers worked full days when needed. Calls were returned but when someone calls every 10 minutes.... It was explained to the client about the fence and OK'd it coming down and it was fully restored with new boards and posts on the entrance in fact. The dumpster bill was fully paid for (receipts to prove this). I was called by the company stating that they did not take the bin because extra garbage was dumped inside by the clients which incurred extra costs. They put extra garbage so the client is responsible for the extra cost. The address is a real address on my business card. The reason the job was "abandoned" was because extra work (from 1600 sqft of cement ended up being 2150sqft) of a cost of $8,000 approx. was added and the client did not want to pay plus she still has $1,250 in her hands which she did not pay as agreed. She also does not want to pay the HST owing. She has contracts and also paid by cheques and stated she did not want to pay the taxes. And she claims to work for Revenue Canada? I would advise any contractor that wants to work at this location to stay very far away. She will give you problems from day one. She will also give your workers problems, so much so, that they won't want to work there at all. I had workers leave because of her and her son's behavior. She will also find every excuse NOT to pay the full amount or nothing at all.