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Poor Follow Up Service

Twin peaks replaced roof shingles in August of 2016. On the day the work was to be done, Max advised the need to replace original skylight as he could not guarantee against leaks with original. We agreed and Max purchased the skylight and did the installation himself. We were generally quite satisfied with everything upon completion of the job and did in fact refer him to a neighbor (singular). However, on January 8th of this year, another contractor doing work on the second floor master bath, advised us of a leak around the skylight. I called Max that afternoon and he returned my call a few hours later. He did come by the following afternoon and examined the skylight from the roof. He indicated the problem appeared to be a result of the installation whereby he had been required to do a modification due to the skylight being so close to the peak of the roof. He indicated the modification did not seem to take and that he would be back the following day to remedy. He did not show up the following day or the day after. I called and left a message and did hear back from him 24 hours later. He indicated " now that he had a chance to sleep on it", he thought the issue may be a result of condensation and that he would come out later in the day to inspect from the attic which in fact he did. He now thinks it could be condensation as existing insulation around the skylight box may not be sufficient. He indicated however, that he was not an "insulation guy" and he would consult his insulation guy and be back to me over the weekend, the next two days in order to confirm this may be the cause. Nine days past and we heard nothing from Max before we left on an extended holiday. I subsequently sent an email through the Twin Peaks web site and never did receive a response (claims he never saw it) . Following our five weeks away and no indication of any attempt by Max to contact us, I suggest to my wife that I have lost total confidence in Max and time to take other action. She wants to give him one more chance so she calls him on March 6th. He does return her call and indicates he firmly believes the problem is the insulation issue but does not use the original insulation guy he referenced earlier as he was too expensive. He was dealing with new guys and would get back to her the following afternoon. Of course more than 2 weeks passed without a word from Max. After more than 2 months of run around we proceeded to contact professional skylight installation/repair specialists. The consensus among them has been that the space between the drywall and skylight is the primary issue . In fact the skylight specialist took one look and said "while there's your problem, the guy never finished the job". He indicated that the space required trim and caulking. I asked about insulating the tunnel and his response, "not the source of the problem but a good idea." To finally confirm , I downloaded the installation instructions from the manufacturer's web site and the final step is""When drywall is not in contact with white finished skylight frame, add on-site trim for finished appearance and prevent conditions that may contribute to condensation." Everyone we have brought in recognizes this issue but Max prefers to lay blame at the feet of the people who added insulation to our attic some 15 years ago. Simply laughable.

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Company Response

HI Gerry! first of all thank you for all your referrals to your friends and neighbors.

What you need to do is call the INSULATION company who did your attic. (you said they you got it done a few year prior to your roof being complete in 2016 but you can not 'remember' who it was) What they failed to do is RE-insulate your skylight tunnel. Since your attic has been insulated, more heat has been kept IN your home, therefore even MORE warm temperatures are going to rise to the highest point, in this case it is up your skylite tunnel, since the insulation of the tunnel is original with the house (approx 40 yrs old) and has NO vapor barrier, therefor you are suffering heat loss which is condensing to frost on the underside of the plywood. REMEMBER when you hire a trades company they are only responsible for the the specific trade they are contracted to do. We can only offer help in recommending other companies to serve different parts of your home but definitely can not be held accountable for their lack of response!
Good luck on finding the company who did your attic, again i have since forwarded your information to a couple of insulators that have been recommended to me you will, definatley have better luck now that the spring is here.