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Enzo in Mississauga
Enzo in Mississauga

Duct Re-Routing

I just had a wall removed from our kitchen and dining room and the ducts has to be re-routed.

Mike was referred to us by one of our contractor. We did not have enough time to look for other contractors so we just decided to hire his services.

I'm highly disgusted with Mike's work ethic.
1. Always comes in late and sometimes doesn't come as promised
2. He's not prepared with his own tools. He used my ladder and even my vacuum to clean his debris!
3. He's not careful when moving our things
4. He left me all the debris for me to dispose without me knowing it!
5. He did not provide any contract as to what his work and price will cover
6. He is annoyed when you ask too many questions and assurance
7. He charged me for a few yards of wire to connect my thermostat for $200+(and was about to charge another $100 for installing) and $38 for vent cover! This all happened when I asked for a discount since he will not be doing another vent as originally discussed. He gave me $100 discount but in return he charged me more stuff. But then he will charge me more if I want another vent to be reconnected.
8. I asked for a copy of the breakdown of his charges but just ignored me.

I know I was stupid agreeing on everything and not complaining with his charges ( I did nicely at some point) but I'm a person who doesn't want to hurt/annoy other person feelings so I was just trying to get along. But horrible, unbelievable, the last straw was pulled when I saw the debris in one of my empty box!

I'm new in Canada so I was expecting he is supposed to be the expert on those stuff but I felt that he's not knowledgeable on what he's doing.

I felt that I was conned and ripped of my hard earned money. I've tried my best to avoid people like him but I still ended up with one. I guess I'll just charge this to experience.

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Company Response

I would like to have my explanation.
1. I gave him my estimate and after 5 days he called to hire me. Therefore, it seems as though he had sufficient time to call others and shop around.
2. As always I included my job details on my quote, and it did not include the vent cover and thermostat since he did not initially request them. Therefore, the cost for those two items were added as per hi request. I even waived my own cost and labour for those added jobs of changing thermostat wire from furnace to thermostat.
3. This was a 2 days job, and we were present at the job site on the agreed time both days.
4. When i was sweeping the floor, as I always do after the job, I was offered to use the central vacuum instead to clean the dust by the wife.
5. We took away all the big garbage bags by my car as we always do. However, I made the mistake of putting some ounces of garbage into the bin.
6. We had all the tools and equipments in the main floor. The only tools we used from the house owner was the ladder in the basement which I had his wife permission and I just used it for one hour and placed back.
7. Also, he owed me $200 and never picked up his phone to make arrangements for due ballance or listen to my explanation and offer for reconciliation after his complain.
I value educating the house owners on my job, especially those interested in learning. I answered all his questions and explained what I was doing, perhps except for when I was on top of the ladder and focused on the detailed work.
I apologize in any case and thank you for your business.
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