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Revolve Furnishings
7070 11 Street SE
T2H 3B5

My cousin bought $20k worth of furniture here to furnish his new house. When he decided the couch he'd bought for his rec room didn't match the style, I bought it from him. I brought the couch to my brand new place and it looked great! After a little less than a two years, the leather started to peel on one cushion. I emailed Revolve for warranty instructions, sent in my receipt, pictures, and tag numbers. The Revolve "warranty service" lady is awful. She beat around the bush for months, asking for details and just taking forever to respond. Finally, she sent my pictures to their warranty repair techs. She comes back with a response that he wrote that it "could have been from a spill, or wear and tear" and she couldn't honour the claim. Really?? I responded that I don't have children; I'm a two adult household and that no one has spilled anything. I assured her it had to be "wear and tear." I hadn't heard back for weeks. When I finally received a response, the warranty rep told me my warranty wasnt valid. Remember when I bought this brand new $6k couch off of my cousin? Well; apparently warranty is now voided. What? I said, this is ridiculous. I asked to see the "policy" that voided the warranty, in which time she said shed refuse to talk to anyone except the original purchaser. Next, I had my cousin call and tell her that he authorizes the warranty claim, and tells the lady of all of the stuff hes purchased from them and that this service over a $150 repair is ridiculous. She was very rude to him and failed to produce a "policy" that states this. I followed up in store, with the Cross Iron Mills manager who was going to investigate. Still no responses. I called and sent messages. Finally heard back - nothing he can do. I'm so disappointed. This happened months ago, and I haven't wrote anything, but it still frustrates me to this day. Pick a better place to buy your home furnishings! Their service is garbage.

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