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John in Calgary
John in Calgary
4 reviews Calgary, AB

Painting interior of house

This is the first negative review we have ever written. With all the very positive reviews on this site (which influenced our initial choice of this company), we felt it important to point out that not everyone is 100% satisfied. We had four main issues: first, the original quote was very confusing and incomplete. Whole rooms were missing and the number of doors did not match--we had to go back and forth a number of times. It all worked out fine in end, but I finally had to say "I want a simple single quote to paint the whole house". We were told that the quote challenge was due to CertaPro software but it made the experience rather frustrating. Second, we have a large number of areas on the trim that are missing paint. I think part of the issue is that we used a new trim paint colours -- I don't think the painter noticed the colour switch from the original trim paint. These missed areas are pretty obvious and I spent a lot of time pointing these areas out (putting painters tape on them). As I pointed out these areas, I was given the impression that I was being too picky (and some areas I pointed out were missed and we felt it was soley our responsibility to quality check the job). When pointed out to the owners after the job was "completed", we once again felt like we were being picky (we heard things like "it is a big job, easy to miss things, the painter has a another job he has to get to, don't know when we can get him back in"). We agreed to pay for job at that point which we now regret. Third, we had wall paper borders removed from our kids' rooms. Not sure was happened, but the paint on these areas does not have the same finish and there are visible lines on the walls where the border was --in both rooms. When pointed out, we were promised some follow-up. This takes us to our last issue, we never got any follow up. even after contacting the local company twice. Not long ago we filled in a review to the parent corporation and gave a negative review. Still no follow-up--it has been almost 6 months. Conversely the paint colour consultant, Debbie, they supplied to us was amazing and spent an extremely long time with us picking colours etc. She gave excellent guidance.

Our understanding of events is somewhat different than yours so we feel compelled to provide some clarification. First, with regards to the communication train, our records indicate that that we had a meeting in December, 2014 after which we agreed to make full payment. At that meeting, we did show some of the missed paint areas and showed the strips on our walls in our children's bedroom where the wall paper trim was removed. You indicated that you would check with the paint rep and provide follow-up. We sent an email on Jan 31, 2015 as we had not received any follow-up to that date. We received a very quick response that you "would get back to us". We did not receive any follow-up so we sent another email on March 6, 2015 and did not receive a response. Our feedback to the parent company was given in April. We have checked our deleted emails and junk mail and cannot find any responses other than the one sent on Jan 31. As we indicated the issue with the areas where wallpaper was removed is not one of coverage, but more to do with finish. It appears as if we have a strip of "gloss finish" in the middle of our eggshell wall. For clarification, the painters did not spend from 8 am to 6 pm on the last day doing touch-ups. On that particular day, we remember them leaving in the early afternoon and that a good portion of the time was spend putting a second coat on our children's bedroom and our bonus room. We do agree the house was a big job and that it seemed rushed to have one painter and a helper complete it in the timeline that was allocated to them.

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Company Response

Hi John,
I recently purchased this CertaPro business from the previous owner that you dealt with. I want to thank you for your feedback and appreciate your concerns. I also want assure you this will not happen again. This is not an uncommon size of job for us as we work on anything from a one room job in your home to large commercial properties. I take this kind of input very seriously and will use it for learning and growth. Our business is highly dependent on referrals from our previous customers. That is why our motto is "Customers for Life". We don't want to just paint for you once but earn the right to be called over and over for all of your painting needs.
Thank you again and I hope I get a chance to work for you again.
Kind Regards