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Homebody in Calgary
Homebody in Calgary
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Framing and window installation

Sheldon was supposed to be on site as the framer's helper every day, yet he was 3 + hours late on 2 days and didn't show up at all on 3 others. When I complained about that, he refused to come back at all. Framer went out on a day he knew I wasn't there and entered the house via a window without my permission or knowledge. 2 of the windows had a brick mold and instead of calling the company to find out how to remove the brick mold for install, he chose to drill a dozen randomly spaced crooked holes through the frame and sills to install them. Over $3500 in windows now ruined over a $6.50 glazing tool that literally takes less than a minute to get the brick mold off so that the screws are hidden when it goes back on after install. I know this because they weren't installed straight and had to be re-installed later on. A lot of the framing had to be done over and there was a large amount of damage to the stucco. The framer managed to cut the patio door 10 inches too far over the first time, so all of that stucco is gone as well as big areas around the windows. When I requested that the deficiencies be fixed, he refused and demanded payment. I have learned not to pay until it is all done correctly, but they never came back. I am now left with ruined windows and a bill for stucco in addition to paying another framer to fix some of the deficiencies.

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