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John from Old Toronto
John from Old Toronto
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I bought a sofa off Homesav... It stated after I placed the order that it would take 4-7 weeks to arrive (which is already ridiculously long), but it actually look a little over 8 weeks.

Near the end of the estimated delivery date I was worried that something was wrong. I had not received any update from Homesav as to the status of my orders, so I decided to e-mail their customer services. I received no reply after sending multiple e-mails. I went on their Facebook page to complain, and there I saw numerous other complaints from customers about the lack of customer service and delayed orders.

After I posted, I received a message on Facebook from an employee. They gave me an e-mail of an employee that I could contact at Homesav about my concerns. Sure enough, I did finally receive a reply from the other e-mail they gave me (don't bother with their membercare@homesav.com e-mail... they never reply). However, I noticed that they had taken down all the complaints people were posting on their Facebook page (including mine). They only leave the positive messages people leave, and delete all the negative ones. Believe me, there were TONS of complaints on their Facebook page.

The employee from Homesav contacted the supplier of my sofa to see what was going on. As it turns out the supplier took forever to get my sofa ready and delivered (fyi the company that made the sofa is called Ivey Tate... so if you order from them, expect to wait a very long time to get your product).

I FINALLY got my sofa after waiting over 2 months. The sofa itself is actually quite nice, except for one problem... it's the wrong colour. I ordered a blue couch, and the one I got is purple. As it turns out it still looks nice in my living room, but that is a huge screw-up. I would contact Homesav to complain... but god knows how long they will take to respond (I'm tired of contacting these people), let alone the amount of time the awful supplier would take to replace the couch.

Overall, I would not buy anything from this website again. If you order something small, like a picture, that is under $100, then it might be worth the risk if you really like the product and can't find anything similar elsewhere. It is hit or miss whether or not you will be satisfied with Homesav. Some people have posted good experiences, and I'm sure they are telling the truth. But when things go bad with an order on Homesav... it REALLY goes bad. To me, it's not worth the risk.

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