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CN from Mississauga
CN from Mississauga
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Cold Cellar Mold remediation

My wife and I bought our first home over a year ago with an improperly finished and insulated cold cellar that we knew had mold from the smell upon our first home inspection. We originally got, what I felt was, a pretty high quote from another company so we sealed the room and put the job off. This year I knew it couldn't wait any longer and I'm so thankful I looked on After reading all the positive reviews, I called moldservices on Saturday, Ross came on Sunday and gave an honest assessment and we booked him in within a few days. The day of, he and another worker (didn't get his name, sorry!) arrived a little early which is always good, worked extremely hard and got the whole cold cellar gutted and mold free in the time quoted and with the right equipment. They were up against some pretty nasty bugs and fungus which they handled no problem (much respect!). All for an excellent price, with courteous service.
After the removal, Ross was up front and said the space is unusable in its current condition, due to a poor build of our front deck which isn't properly sealed and allows water to seep into the cellar. This also has caused damage to the grout on the cinder block foundation. He showed me the main areas of concern which I may be able to seal from the outside with some caulking, and suggested leaving a dehumidifier in the room to keep moisture at bay. He also noted that mold doesn't grow on cement so I won't have to worry about any mold coming back. Finally he assured me that as long as the moisture is monitored it won't affect the rest of the basement, which is comforting.
All said and done, I will highly recommend Ross and his team to anyone who finds themselves in need of mold removal. I'm glad my wife and I now know the true nature of what was behind the drywall, and while it's not pretty, we know what we're up against.

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Thanks Colin, I wish I could have left you a cold room worthy of this review. My "after" pictures never do the work justice but I'm glad you were pleased with the outcome.....Cheers...Ross