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No more stress!

Bear with me, this is a long review....

I had two areas of my foundation that needed to be repaired, one around the chimney, and when it rained a lot, I needed to use a shop-vac as that is how much water was getting in, and the other area on the side of my house which I had previously contacted another foundation repair company that tried to repair it from the inside of my house. Needless to say, it didn't work, and because they did such a lousy job, did not want to even bother with them again.

After not dealing with the foundation for a while, I realized that the mental and physical stress I was under from not getting the foundation repaired outweighed the money I would spend, and decided to contact another foundation repair company.

I had the owner of Mr. Foundation, Patrick, show up to my house, and he examined the areas that needed to be replaced, and mentioned that he would give me an estimate shortly, but did recommend contacting other
foundation repair companies too, which I thought was a nice things to hear.

Also, in order to fix the area on the side of my house, they would have to dig on my neighbor's front yard, and assured me that the work would not include any heavy machinery and that they would put back my neighbour's front yard just like it had been before the work, which I was happy to hear.

After contacting other companies, I decided to go with Mr. Foundation.

A work order was written up explaining everything that woudl be done, which seemed to me to be quite extensive and thorough.

The work would not begin for at least four to six weeks, as they are that busy.

When they did come to begin repairs, the crew were friendly, efficient, and obviously knew what they were doing. It took two days to do both repairs, but normally would have been done in one day, however it had been raining quite a lot, and the crew were worried for their safety around the chimney, as the soil in that area is quite sandy, and they were concerned of the hole they had been digging, would collapse, so decided to wait until the following day.

The area around the side of the house went without a hitch, but I was informed that the weeping tiles along the chimney were clogged with that sandy soil, and normally they would recommend doing a power spray of water to flush out the clog, but could not guarantee it would work due to the fact that being in a row house, my weeping tiles were connected to my neighbors' and so on, and did also mention that if I did not go ahead, they would have to restrict the terms of the warranty on that part of the house, as I would still have a drainage issue.

I liked that they explained exactly what was up, and gave me the option of what to do.

All in all, they repaired both areas, and left my and my neighbor's property in very good shape.

Then about a month later, the big test!

"With a 7-day rainfall of 150.2mm, Jul 22nd➞Jul 28th 2018, were Ottawa's wettest 7 days in more than 119 years, since Jul 11th, 1899."

Not a drop of water to be seen anywhere in the basement!

If that doesn't prove to me they did a great job, I don't know what will.

Hope I never have to contact them again, but if I ever run into another problem with my foundation, I certainly know who I will call!

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