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Cleaning Area Rugs

I had requested for the cleaning of three area rugs (1 small and two large). The rugs were picked up on May 10 and received them back on June 3rd. Between that time no one from the company called. I opened the small one first for convenience and it looked great and only had a small stain left over but I knew nothing is perfect so that's fine. What was unacceptable was when I unrolled the two big rugs (6X9 feet). There was still a lot of stains on both of the rugs. Since I never heard of an problems from the company pre delivery of my rugs I expected the rugs to be cleaned. So my first step was to put painter's tape on the rugs to indicate the missed stains and I called customer service to arrange pickup to clean the rugs again free of charge as per their policy. They arranged to pick up the rug again on June 7 so that they could look at the stains again. I got a call from their repairs department indicating that I need to pay additional 775 for cleaning one of the rugs and I need to stain the other rug for 1350. Of course I declined that because I paid 372 to have my rugs cleaned and now they tell me to pay 2000 more. How come no one called me before first delivery to tell me the rugs cant be cleaned unless I paid more and I could've decided if I wanted to or not. As a customer that has paid for a service and has received the product they should expect that the service has been provided if they don't hear from the company otherwise. And so I requested 'money back guarantee and a 100% satisfaction guarantee' as per their company policy. I have requested money back through calling customer service multiple times and emailing them multiple times. Its been over a week and I still haven't heard back from them with each time customer service saying I'll let manager know. I hope it's a misunderstanding and I'll hear from them soon. I'll provide an update as it becomes available.


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Company Response

Good afternoon Kenny T

I've reviewed your order, listened to all the phone conversations and spoken with our lead technicians regarding your order. These are my findings, you had used home remedies and chemicals and damaged your rugs causing discolorations etc. you called on us for help to restore your expensive carpeting.

Washing alone will not fix the problem caused by improper care by the homeowner. We offered you a colour correction service to rebuild the coloring back into your Chinese wool rugs. A process that takes a lot of time and requires a secondary specialty team that work in our repair department.

I can see, from our files, per our notes that we picked up two of your rugs for additional review and after discussing the options, you declined the additional work. No problem we were happy to have the rugs picked up in order to keep up A nice relationship with our customers.

You paid for the work that we did. Thank you. You are free to receive a second opinion and circle back with me with your findings.

If I may suggest.....doing stain removals on rugs requires a great deal of experience. It's taken us over 100 years to develop the tooling techniques and procedures to carefully clean and remove stains from expensive and exotic rugs. In the future you should consider leaving it to a professional rug cleaning specialist.

If you would like to discuss this or any other matter further please contact me at 416-538-8669 and ask for Tony