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Fat Pinch  from East York
Fat Pinch from East York
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Whirpool Washer

My washer broke down and was flashing an error code. I called Toronto Appliance Repair and they were able to send someone the next day. It was scheduled at first in the morning, but was moved to 1 pm and later moved again to 5 pm. Since I was planning to stay at home anyway, it wasn't a big deal.

When the technician arrived, I asked how much would it cost to repair the washer. He said that all service is included in the part price. He had brought a few parts and wasn't sure which one would need to be replaced. We proceed to open up the machine and was able to pin point the error to an inlet valve not drawing water in. However, he did not have the correct part type for my machine and can not make the repair. As it was Saturday, he couldn't get a new part either as the part supplier is closed.

This is where things got interesting. When he was busy trying to contact his boss that the part does not fit, I was able to look for information on the part on the internet. It is listed for around 40-50 dollars.

Afterwards, he said he could come back Monday with a new part. It would cost me 150 for the part and 250 for the labor. If I want this machine fixed, I would need to put deposit down on the part for 150 dollars. He also said that 150 dollars is already very cheap because he has connection with the part supplier.

Knowing that he is not being honest with the price of the part, I told him that I want to think about it first and do not want to put deposit on the part. He then said, in that case he would need to be paid for this service call. 70 dollars plus hst. If I later decide to order the parts from them, they would deduct the 70 dollars from the 400 dollars I was supposed to pay.

When he left, I studied the manual carefully, watched youtube video on how to replace the inlet valve, ordered the part online (it was only 50 dollars), replace it myself (it was very easy and only took 5 minutes). Now the machine works fine with no error code.

Not too sure what to make of this. In one hand, I would not be able to fix it without their help. In the other hand, I feel their price is too steep. 250 for a 5 minutes part change plus the part's price is ballooned to 3 times are too expensive. Maybe it's the way the market works out there. If it is, I could only shake my head.

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