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Traci Valentine from Calgary
Traci Valentine from Calgary
3 reviews Edmonton, AB

Very frustrating & disappointing experience

I am sorry to say, but we did not have a good experience with Sofaland. :( Basically they sold us something that wasn’t what we ordered and we have had no results in getting the problem solved. We ordered two pieces with an ottoman...that was where the problem was. Also, their customer service was a joke. We bought our sofa in March, it was delivered in May with the issues, and it is now the end of July with the same results and no follow up. Marcel was our “used car salesman,” but it was on us to do more due diligence. The sofa itself was high quality and well made.

Essentially, we wanted a long enough chaise (like our old one) to fit our doggies. That was an important requirement and was made clear multiple times to Marcel during the purchase. He said all of their chaises were shorter and we were about to leave the store when he sold us on the idea of adding an ottoman. He said there were two sizes of ottomans...a short one and a taller one. They only had the short one in the showroom.. we should have asked them to get the taller one in before purchasing. Marcel said it would be about an inch wider, so it wouldn’t completely line up, but that the height would match the couch and we could connect the two pieces with a locking mechanism. He PROMISED it would be level and it was no where near. There is a distinct step down of about 3 1/2 inches!?!!! When it was delivered, we complained. Marcel assured us they could fix the problem. He said because we got the extra firm cushions, that the specs of the ottoman were a bit off. Marcel arranged for the manufacturer to remake the ottoman to the right size, but warned us it might be off less than an inch because of the extra firm cushions. It was delivered last week and it is exactly the same!?!! We phoned and talked to their customer service, Kendra, and she said they would help us find a way to solve the problem. She said she would get back to has been over a week with no response.

We are beyond frustrated. We are working class and saved to buy a custom made couch to fit our needs. When you spend almost $5,000 you expect to get exactly what you ordered. We spent over two hours in the store the day we bought the couch, trying to think of everything to ask and confirm on details. We had to wrap our brains around the idea of buying an ottoman over one long piece from another store. We accepted it but on the condition it would LOOK like one long piece with the heights matching. THEN we had to accept that it would be off a bit and NOW we have to accept that it won’t be fixed. We are so disappointed. If we can help even one other person out there with my review, then at least there is that. Be warned if you buy from Sofaland, do your due diligence and don’t believe everything they say...get proof. Sofaland and Marcel don’t seem to care...he got his sale.

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