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Kerry from Edmonton
Kerry from Edmonton
1 review Edmonton, AB

Kitchen Renovation

We hired Don LeBlanc to renovate our kitchen with new cabinets on the top and refaced cabinets on the bottom. It was a 3 day job, he told us. Almost a full year later, out kitchen is still not 100% complete, and KitchenFX is not coming back. The whole job has been a comedy of errors like I have never seen before.

Don's installers have returned so many times with cabinet boxes and doors and drawers and hinges that were wrongly sized and/or the wrong colour that I eventually lost count.

Getting Don out to see what was going on was like pulling teeth. On the last time he ame out to actually see the deficiencies with the kitchen, we made a shared Google doc to document them. A few of the 25-ish things got fixed, but not the rest. My husband actually had to go to Don's shop to retrieve the last door that had been fixed after having been stained the wrong colour, and installed it himself.

3 or 4 months went by with no word on fixing the rest, and then we got a phone message from KitchenFX asking us if our kitchen was done (wouldn't they know?) and asking for the balance due (about $1500 I think). I sent an email saying that the kitchen was not done, and inviting Don to come and take a look. No one ever responded. That was months ago. So our kitchen is almost done. But not done. And unless we hire another company to come in and finish it, it's not ever going to be done.

We paid the bulk of the money well before we realized what a circus it was going to be to deal with this company. We learned a great lesson. We would never in a million years recommend KitchenFX to anyone we know. What a painful experience this has been.

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