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Michael in Toronto
Michael in Toronto
2 reviews Toronto, ON

Failed Service

Middle of January 2017 our furnace stopped working (igniter failed). It was a weekend, and my family was home all day. Called Mersey and ordered repairs. House was cold and uncomfortable as we proceeded to wait 9 hours for even an acknowledgement that someone was going to be able to come and look at our furnace. Called Mersey back several times while we waited, but they could give me no assurance that someone would indeed make it out that day. So at 9pm I cancelled our order. Before going to bed that night (very cold now), I recalled that the Mersey Web site offered a "schedule online" option. So, using that method, I quickly ordered service for the next morning (Sunday) and then hit the hay. Woke up early Sunday morning to find that I had yet to receive confirmation that my online request had been processed. I called Mersey again, and was told that there online scheduling service does not work, nor has it been working for some time. Frustrated, over the phone I rescheduled service for that morning (Sunday). Fortunately (I was told), I had called early so it looked like we were going to be the first job of the day for the repairman they had on call. After an hour of waiting, Mersey called back to tell me that they had made a mistake: they had previously quoted me a service call charge of $99, but they had now realized that it was in fact Sunday, so the charge would be about $40 more. Fair enough, but they had made an even graver mistake: it was in fact a *different* repairman that was on call, and this one actually had five calls already slated for the day. They again could not tell me when they would get around to servicing us, but they did warn us that several of the other calls were for "priority customers"; we were at the bottom of the list. I was given the impression it would be many hours, perhaps another full day, before our furnace could be tended to by Mersey. Disappointed once again, I cancelled the order and decided to try another business. There was one positive note in the whole experience: Mersey's dispatchers were quite polite on the phone.

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We are very sorry for your experience and would appreciate the opportunity to speak with you about your situation. Please contact us at with your full name, address, and phone number and we will have someone follow up with you. We look forward to hearing from you.