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David in Saint Albert
David in Saint Albert
1 review St. Albert, AB

Basement Carpet

Unfortunately, I have to give BFC a fairly poor review due to the poor experience I had purchasing carpet from them. I would rate the product selection well, product knowledge well, pricing fairly competitive and installers fast and knowledgeable; however, my overall experience (which to me is the most important) was rather poor.
There are plenty of other great flooring places around and most of them would be a better choice than BFC. In this economy customer experience plays a huge part when people decide where to spend their hard-earned money. I would rather pay marginally more knowing that I will be dealing with a business that stand by its product and acts professionally in the event that something goes wrong with the installation or product. Everything else aside, businesses that can’t even have the common courtesy of returning emails, and voicemails to paying customers within a timely fashion, or at all, fall very short of the basic standard of customer service.
My experience started with my carpet being delayed a week due to poor weather (force majeure, not their fault). My carpet was delivered a week later, but nobody could confirm the installation date or time (so I could take time off work). I had to call the service manager myself and left a voicemail with him. The only notice I received was a text message at 7:30 a.m. the day of installation saying that the installer would show up around 9. When the installer arrived, he pointed out that the carpet was shipped 1.5’ short (that’s 18 sqft on a 12’ roll). They could not even check the length of the carpet on the tag against what their order had specified which would take all of several minutes to complete. Instead the installer told me they would not be able to finish and that they would order more carpet in and come back. I was obviously not very impressed with this. I tried calling the salesman to confirm dates for receiving the extra carpet and schedule a new installation date/time. My numerous attempts to contact the salesman via email and phone calls/voice mail were blatantly ignored. I just wanted to know when the rest of my carpet would arrive, if I would be compensated for having an additional seam (weak spot in the carpet) and having to take more time off work. Eventually I had to call the owner as I was left high and dry with my installation only being partially complete. Rick, the owner, did sort things out for me. I did mention the trouble I had with the installation date not being confirmed, the short carpet and lack of shipping/receiving QA/QC on their end, the extra time I would need to take off work and asked if they could give me a bit of a discount in-kind. The carpet was installed to my satisfaction, very quickly by the installers, who are friendly and knowledgeable.
I received my invoice a couple weeks later for the full amount which surprised me. The email stated to contact my salesmen via email if I had questions on the invoice, which I did. I emailed him to no avail and again, was blatantly ignored having not heard back 2 weeks later. I then called Rick, the owner again and left 2 voicemails with him, but did not hear back. So to avoid late charges, I was left with paying the full invoice amount plus the time I lost taking a morning off of work and an additional seam in my carpet.
I understand if they didn’t want to compensate me for the time off work, hassle, extra seam etc.. They could blame it on the manufacturer which I suppose is a valid reason. Just call me back and tell me if you can or are or aren’t willing to compensate me for my trouble is all I ask. But to just brush me off after spending a considerable amount of money with them really upset me.

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