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101 planchet rd, unit 2 Vaughan ON L4K
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Bart from Toronto
Bart from Toronto
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Oh boy, where do I begin. Install had three main issues:

1) Siding on a small portion of my home, was installed crooked/not aligned. An aesthetic issue but I accepted it as it was a couple smaller side walls that was not noticeable from the front and they were hesitant to correct it.

2) On a windy weekend the installers left a couple old sharp aluminum pieces loose and dangling from the roof line. I had no access to it due to extreme height and it kept slamming against my home for a couple nights not allowing my little one any sleep, disrupting my neighbour and then on Sunday, finally falling off but onto my neighbours yard which needless to say was a huge safety issue and liability which my neighbour didn't appreciate either. I called the office and left texts and messages on the cell phone of the rep handling my job numerous times and no response. No way of getting a hold of someone in emergency.

3) The installers needed to use my other neighbours roof to install some siding which was fine. However, after they left, my neighbour pointed out that there was 30 to 50 cigarette butts in his gutters after. I did notice the installers smoking constantly up there while working but figured they would discard properly and keep things tidy.

However, even with these install issues, I let it go and wasn't going to leave negative feedback. The reason I am leaving this negative feedback is because their promised warranty is non existent. I have been trying to contact them via email and phone for almost two years to fix a simple siding bowing/warping issue that happened within a couple months of install. After numerous promises of someone coming to fix it, it has not happened. I have given up and hence the reason for this review. They were super nice and accommodating (minus the install issues above which I was patient with) but once I paid in full, the complete opposite happened. In my view, the post sale support is what makes a company, and in my case, they failed. Would not recommend based on my experience.

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