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Steve from Calgary
Steve from Calgary
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clogged drain

Baker Plumbing & Heating
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B-935 48 Avenue SE
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Absolute rip off. I had a clogged drain and they claimed they needed a $350 "deposit" before they could come to my residence. Being in a bind I stupidly gave them my credit card info over the phone. They assured me it wouldn't nearly cost that much and I'd be reimbursed the difference. That was Feb 21. I received no receipt, no email invoice, no phone call after the service. Finally I call them back on March 3 after I see that the $350 was taken from my credit card. They claim they were coincidentally getting to my invoice that day. After a heated debate, I got $20 bucks back. $330 for a technician to spend 10 mins on a clogged drain? He was in and out within minutes. Pretty pricey in my opinion. But the fact that I had to be the one to track them down is ridiculous. Unprofessional and would never use them again.

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Incredible! All pricing was discussed in depth prior to our arrival. I ensure you we would not have come without a deposit which was also explained. His bind was that he had to catch a plane in an hour and needed his drain issue addressed. We arrived within an hour of the call (after hours to boot), fixed his problem and he caught his plane. Tried to refund the difference but his card had expired!! Good thing we ran a deposit or we'd be fighting for our money now!!! Had an in depth discussion with this individual yesterday. He admitted that all pricing was discussed prior to our visit. He admitted that our service response time, professional tech and effectively addressing his issue went beyond his expectations. As admitted within his complaint he was well aware of the deposit and the reasons for it. During our follow up call yesterday he stated that their was still no issue with the toilet. As we always claim, on time, on budget (in fact under on this one), follow up call. Only issue is price which was discussed in detail prior to our arrival. We arrived on site in less than one hour after call. All the way around awesome service and professionalism from us in every aspect. He can try someone else next and compare. We remain committed to customer satisfaction despite some unreasonable clients (plumbing is not free). Call us back when you try someone else!!! The reason we now take deposits (no different than a hotel) is to ensure a smooth payment process. Anyone who only complains about the price has no idea of what the value of the service received is!! I should say as there is a theme in these negative reviews. Just because we are good at what we do doesn't mean we bill by the minute. All calls are subject to an hour and a half minimum which is also clearly explained. Good luck next time.