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Roof Repair Service Process gone Haywire

This review is long overdue and should have written it immediately after what happen. I hope this story will provide a lesson to everyone. I heard about Royal Roofing through radio and through the internet, not knowing that I may need their help in time of need. After the severe windstorm couple with rain last 4th May evening, we were devastated to see several shingles around the premises and upon visually checking, its indeed from our roof. There was around 20 shingles broken and I immediately searched the internal for the nearest roof service I can find. I stumble to Royal Roofing and called the number. I got a response immediately and told us to expect call the next day. I got a call the next day, Sat the 5th morning, from Luis. He asked me about how many shingles were broken and what is the address - I supplied the info and told me straight away - 600$ - " do you want to book a work order or not?".. knowing a potential heavy rain coming in at midnight, I confirmed and he said the guys are coming in at night. Thinking that the price is a bit expensive and possible catch and bait, I immediately inquire after putting the phone down to several roofers in parallel, even extending all the way from Scarborough. I got one right away, and they can come the next day for much lesser price of 200$ - going up to 400$ after inspection. Great!.. I was expecting the same process from Royal Roofers. I immediately called Luis and said to cancel the work order. He confirmed that the work order is cancelled. The next day, Sunday, while expecting my new roofers to come that day, Luis called me, surprised, I picked it up. He asked me that his guys are coming over for the work. I told him that the work order is cancelled - do not come. He confirmed again, ok, I will cancel it. I thought everything is clear already in the first place but heck, he might have missed it perhaps. We left home for Costco in the morning, while expecting our new roofers service from Scarborough. They indeed came to the house and greeted us - introduced themselves cordially. They set up their ladders and went up for the initial inspection. Here comes the big surprise!...they found out that the shingles were all replaced and the roof repaired, they took a picture and showed it to us. We were so surprised what has happened and who repaired our roof. I got my hint and suspect already. We checked our camera monitoring and we saw people coming in at the side of the house. We knew that these are not our neighbor and potentially the roofers from Royal Roofing - no one else. After two hours, there was a guy who did a door bell and since we are not home, he left after 5 mins of no reply from the door. I immediately called Luis and left a voice mail. After two days, we received a call from Luis, and he was asking for the payment. I told him how dismay and upset I was with the whole situation. Take note, we are thankful and satisfied with the repair and service provided however there were so many mistakes committed here 1) there should be no service rendered due to several cancellation notice 2) even with miscommunication committed, a start of the job should include reporting to the owner of the house regardless 3) unlawful to go and proceed to the roof without permission - totally unacceptable (technically trespassing). Even after all of these, Luis denied that the service was cancelled and he didn't received any information from us - I would not be surprised that this review going the other way - it will all be denied. Now, during our discussion, after hearing my position on the matter, I am still willing to pay because any service rendered, we believed, a payment is due - however, we told Luis, we cannot pay 600$ because our supposed to be roofers service coming that day from Scarborough will only charge us 400$. After push and pull, he said okay. I was even surprise to hear a comment from him saying " i can send my men, and we can remove the shingles placed.." This is totally unprofessional. I understand that the windstorm created havoc and mess - and the number of service is tremendous hence mishaps can happen in between. Mind you again and I reiterate, I am willing to pay despite the circumstance. He said to come the next day to collect, blocked our afternoon because he is coming after 5. He called at night saying that he cannot come (scratched our head!) - and said he will come the next day. He did, he came, introduced himself - gave him the money - he didn't say anything after - walked away. If I need roof replacement, which I will be seeing in the near future, I will still come to Royal Roofing still - but I guess I know already who to avoid. Its just so sad that this thing happened with the initial service - impression do last and representation is that key to lasting business. I hope you learned from this story. We did! Giving you guys 10/10 for work, promptness but 1/10 for process handling and miscues

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