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Tanya and Ed in Etobicoke
Tanya and Ed in Etobicoke
3 reviews Toronto, ON

Parging a 50 foot step

Mike quoted the job and made me wait a month to do it, there were many excuses every week but we waited for him and long story short, he didn't do the job, he dropped off someone else to do it and claimed that person was a Mason. The job is terrible! It looks horrible! Unfortunately, this is a 50 foot long by 4 inches wide step to our deck which has lights and a return.... The step was gorgeous before he came, it was newly pored concrete and I should have left it this way but it had a few bubbles and I just wanted to make it a touch better.... Now, with my poor judgement and Mike's awful parging. We will have to get all of this grinded down and done again. I asked Mike to come and try to fix it but he is not answering my e-mails. We paid $1000 when all the other quotes were less, we figured that with his positive ratings and his high price, we were going to get something nice.

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Company Response

Let's start off with saying Tanya hated what was previously there,that contractor refused to work for her anymore and left,she said she would pay me with what she owed him still as she hadn't paid him..The whole time there she would pull me aside countless times to degrade the work other contractors did asking my opinion as she loved my work and asking if I knew anyone who could powerwash,she took down my recomendation. She has given 2 reviews on Homestars at the date of this review despite the countless contractors she has used giving both a Zero.By the looks of that companys response she did the same as she is doing here,inventing information with the sole purpose to hurt there business. It is unfortunate that Homestars allows blatant lies from that one out of 100 people we all hope to avoid in out lives and has the sole intention of ruining the persons business,writing and inventing whatever may do the trick.

I spoke to the husband originally to go do the quote,described the parging,he seemed reasonable.I described what parging was further described it to the wife in a lengthy emailing telling her there was a sponge finish.When the work was started I did just that a sponge finish which was agreed upon and the husband thought it looked amazing...he was later shocked when I said his wife didn't like it when she arrived.The wife than comes home and is not happy after the work is half done.I mentioned that it would be a sponge finish in the previous emails.She said"Oh well I don't know what that is"fair enough,but she could have asked me for more info or Googled it.As my goal is to please all customers,I tried doing something else for her with a different finish,she said she loved it and let me continue.Only near the end saying she didn't want the last few feet done and deciding to deduct $100's of dollars.The final price was also not $1000.00 dollars this is also untrue.

She says there were way too many excuses and took too long,truth is she cancelled when I was going to do it on an earlier weekend and I had to rebook here.I than showed up like I said.She says I dropped off someone else to do it.I am the owner of the company and do some work myself but not all.I never told her myself the owner would personally do it and dropped off a worker going back about 5 times and staying for hours to check in and doing some myself,she doesn't mention this incidentally.The person actually is a Mason.This same person did the work on the previous parging testimonials on here which were unassisted by me and got 10s.They loved it.They had some clue what parging was.Tanya apparently didn't,even though explained it in a detail email to her numerous times and following up to ask if she had any question they were none.Not even asking about the finish.

She says she emailed me to come fix it and was not answering my emails.This is totally invented and untrue .I wrote her a long email after the job was done to reply to her one day after the job was done on the 19th,on the 20th she replied,and on the very next day she wrote this review.I have contacted Homestars regarding this.She says the step was gorgeous before she came,she told me she hated it.She said she paid $1000 dollars,this is also not true.She actually ended up deducting $200.

I spent a total of 18 hrs on this job,includes quote,emails,back and forth etc in all,materials and had a worker there and was under the $1000.00 she said I charged,again invented.Being a smaller company I am able to be more reasonable as my overhead is lower.I dealt with her husband who seemed reasonable and nice,emailed them what I would do,(a sponge finish)did a sponge finish which everyone of my customers in 18 years has loved.The husband loved it.Than she comes home,had a totally different concept,had apparently no idea even what parging was,is not happy.Doesn't want it finished.Takes off a random amount of money,than comes on here and invents things with the intention of hurting my business.Luckily for me 99% of the time my customers are amazing,they love my work,most of my work is referrals and I leave a job happy knowing they love the work.It is unfortunate we cannot post this persons name here so other contractors would have the chance to avoid this person.