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Nicole in Waterdown
Nicole in Waterdown
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Backyard Nightmare

Unfortunately I cannot do a zero star review as I would highly recommend looking elsewhere when your looking for a pool or landscaping company. I chose this company a while back to do my landscaping which is a local company, and with their smooth talking convinced me to go with a hot tub and pool. I was given the promise everything will be done smoothly and there be no worries. I trusted in this company from mutual friends of the landscape owners and figured they wouldn’t steer me wrong.
The job didn’t start off well as their contractor driving their machinery damaged my front steps, proceeded to rip apart part of my porch, proceeded to cut off a branch off of my tree from the front yard, ripped my eavestrough, destroying my front yard, boulevards, and the retaining walls of the stones between my house and my neighbors on both sides, chewing up my electrical line to the shed, ripping out my fencing, not only this but they dug the pool incorrectly because they ordered the pool liner to what they wanted to put in, definitely was not what I had purchased, started to fill my pool with two feet of water with dirt and wrinkles all over the bottom of the pool, came back to fix that once I complained and then they dumped two feet of water out of my pool (which is a 14x28 foot pool). If this wasn’t enough the whole front yard and backyard is now mud every time it rains, and a massive liability if anyone falls! Its been months and still is even after their guys have left the job site after promise of being repaired. I am absolutely in shock at how they left the site that’s been paid more then asked and these issues of repairs, landscaping and pool completions hasn’t been done. I even had to buy top soil and sod for my back yard and lay it down myself because the mud was unbearable! I shouldn’t have had to do any of that considering the sizeable amount of dollars I had put down already for landscaping and pool. They sent me an official email requesting finalized payment when the things I have requested haven’t even been dealt with. Not to mention I see absolutely nothing on that stating what is being deducted for their crews neglect, and damages. I’ve sent them the invoices and quotes from other companies for the repairs to the steps and electrical, so I don’t understand why none of that hasn’t been deducted off the totals. Which I should add the biweekly cleaning maintenance I am paying, because of the dirt and debris that gets into the pool from them not finishing the landscaping in the backyard. I don’t know of any reputable company that would come in and damage a property and walk out because they want their final payment before the job has been completed. Even talked to many other companies about this and they are shocked that this is how they do business.
I have 2 small children an elderly mom and a puppy that can’t even enjoy the backyard and can’t even go up my front steps as it’s not safe.

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Company Response

Hi Nicole,
It is unfortunate that you feel this way. Our company has made several attempts to reach out to you and rectify this situation; however you refused to communicate, and also hung up the phone on the last communication. All damages that you mentioned were addressed. As we have mentioned, once your pool was complete, there is an outstanding contractual obligation to pay prior to any landscaping to begin on your landscaping project. From previous payment history with our company, and your several delinquencies, we cannot move forward until we receive payment for the work rendered. Ciscon Landscaping and Outdoor Living have been in business for over 17 years, and have never, and will never, leave a jobsite as you've tried to describe. Unfortunately, this has now been handed over to our legal team to handle as we cannot comment any further. We wish you the best of luck.