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They are builders!! Don't waste your time and call them!!

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450 Matheson Blvd East Unit 56
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They are builders!! Don't waste time and call them!!
My review will be in detail so for those who would like to read reviews quickly here are the key words for HONESTY EXCELLENT COMMUNICATION HARD WORKING CREW AMAZING RESULTS ON TIME COMPLETED BASEMENT ON EXACT TIME AS PROMISED AND THE MOST IMPORTANT IS GREAT PRICING Now I will go in detail step by step VITALIY (Owners son) He was the first person to whom I spoke with, very nice and polite.. I wanted to confirm if finishbasement can built our basement as I was far from the coverage area and I was lucky enough that he said yes. That is the only conversation I had with Vitali and the only person I didn't met in person. ANDRI (Estimator) Another great person to whom you will be in contact from start until end of project. He will guide you throughout the project. He will respond to your queries/question effectively and will give you ideas on what to do and what not. Andri visited our home and provided estimate within 1 hr (in and out). We had other estimators who took between 2 to 5 hours sitting and measuring in the basement. oh bhoy what a waste of time. Andri was very knowledgeable and provided detailed estimate. No emails no waiting for estimate, right on the spot in writing. He did not bought dry wall pieces with him like other estimators did (laughing moment), basement is not just dry wall it is your dream to be fulfilled. Once estimate was done he invited us to visit the showroom and that is another story to come. SHOWROOM We visited showroom week after our estimate as finishbasement is booked for couple of months. I was just lucky to get mine done before holidays!! Showroom is a big WAO.. Our appointment was 8 PM and it took us 2 hours to complete tour and sign the contract. Showroom has everything you need to get it installed in basement from home theatre till the color of grout in washroom tiles!! haha detail han? After our visit Andri gave us and estimate date of start +/- as we had a washroom (built by previous owner) needed to be demolished! Next step is the owner Igor for designing. IGOR (Owner) The owner is down to the earth person, again very nice and polite. He was scheduled to visit us 0830 pm to accommodate us so that all family members are present for designing. One will think that the designer will come with his tablet and some app with 3D image (BIG NO). He went down to the basement did a quick tour and asked us what we wanted to build. He gave us couple of ideas and we went with that as he is the person who knows the result not us. So if few things changed what you thought don't be disappointed and listen to his ideas. He bought a masking tape with him and designed the basement, what a great idea. Rather then looking on 3D images on your phone you can see the design in the basement itself when ever you want until the project starts. When he was making design with masking tape it was so accurate that when we measured after he left it was almost exact size what we discussed. He does not bring measuring tape with him that is how knowledgeable he is. Very impressed. Igor will visit for design and the last visit once basement is done. He make sure that all the work was done perfectly. Next step is building the structure of your dream. VLAD and his team Vlad is team lead and all his workers were professional. They showed up on time the day it was planned. They protected garage from corner to corner and all other areas they needed to access. Vlad team was very knowledgeable. This team will built the base (studs/drywall). Expect them to be on site for 4 to 5 days, depending on the work like how many rooms you are building. Vlad is the person you should listen to for building the basement. His ideas are superb. Before you think they will built, means that they know what they are doing and you don't have to worry about anything. Vlad and team are builders, they do there work very honestly and detailed. They are happy to answer any question you have during the project. Next step is final visit to showroom. NATALIE (Interior designer) She is just awesome. She reads your mind and will select everything from doors/frames/paint/bathroom accessories/trim/ you name it. Natalie knows exact match. She will suggest you and take time to go through each and every product you select. She will go through with you from start to finish of basement ideas. Very knowledgeable and with great ideas. Make sure you spare least 2 hrs. for her as she will explain everything in detail. This meeting is very important so you should not be rushing. You will be meeting Natalie second or third day when project starts. Once you've finalize what and how you want, Natalie will make sure everything is in order. You can contact her if there are any changes to be made and she will do it for you (certain deadlines). IGOR Master Electrician and his team This will be 3rd or 4th day that Igor electrician will visit on site to go through with you regarding lighting's/pot lights/receptacles anything electric related he is the one to design. Great guy and great ideas. Ideas you cannot think of and he has it as electric wiring plays important role for building basement. His team was great. He designed and marked what to put where and his team will follow the layout. Him and his team is real Master! RICHARD from Pure CI for Hometheatre If you are building your home theatre.. Richard is your go to guy.. His team will be on site on those 3rd and 4th day. Just keep in mind 3rd and 4th day will be very busy. Expect 14 to 18 people on site! oh yes I'm not kidding! Coming back to Richard.. He has great knowledgeable person on building home theatre. His advise on equipment and projector is detailed. He know what to buy what not. Any question you may have he will answer in detail. His pricing is less then market. So for speakers/projectors/seating you do not have to wait for any Bestbuy deals, just let him know and he will beat price. My home theatre is not completed at this time (due to some delays on my end) but once it is completed I will post separate review on Richard Pure CI. ROMAN (Plumber) Pluming plays important role for finishing basement and bathroom/washroom are the areas of attraction. Roman and team did wonderful job in pluming from scratch till finishing. He is very precised in this measurement and do the work honestly and in detail. We are very happy on how washroom was built. All above project completes within a week (5 working days) yes that is true! except pluming which is the last project to be completed Now comes the taper! ALEX (Taper/drywall) This guy is like a machine. He works over 12 hrs and will complete the Taping/sanding of dry wall withing 3 days. Very nice person. His work is phenomenal. He works alone and one would not even realize that he is working in the basement, that is how quite he is. Those 3 days will be nice and quite as there wont be too much traffic. Vitali/ROMAN (this is not plumber Roman) and Team (Finishing/Final completion) Vitali and his team was great experience. What a wonderful job they did. I have no words for him and his team. So from installation of hardwood until ceiling paint him and team are the one. They will turn your basement magically into dream home. It wont be basement anymore it will be turned into house. It took not more than 4 days to finish everything. Here is what they did Primer Paint Door and trims Closet sub floor/hardwood floor washroom tiles and much more IGOR (Owners final visit) Igor will visit in the end with final detailed billing. He will do a through visit with all the work which was done and will make sure that their is no workmanship defect. What a organized person he is. Accounted for everything they install/or not. Each and every dollar was accounted for!! SOME KEY THINGS TO REMEMBER . Make sure you have enough space in garage to put the stuff. It will be full trust me . Make your self available anytime during the day if they have any question . Most important!! DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME TO GET OTHER QUOTES. PICKUP PHONE AND CALL THEM!! I hope this detailed review will help everyone who want to build basement with It took me a while to post this review/make changes/proof reading but it is very important for me to inform what this company can do.. After mortgage, finishing basement is the second big investment, and if you want to make sure that your investment is spent worth while, you know who to call! They deserve it!! A big thank you to finishbasement team for the wonderful work they did from start until end. They turned the dark basement into a spacious house!! I to say that finishing basement is very small word, they will built house for you!! That basement will no longer be basement! Best wishes for future!!! and I will make sure to spread words out for this company in family and friends.!!

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What an honour! Thank you so much for your glowing detailed review, this is why we do what we do! Thank you for choosing the Finished Basement crew! We truly home you make unforgettable memories in your new living space! - Natalie