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Work done well

We had water leaking from the basement ceiling and I called these guys for help. By the time technician Vald came to our place, the restoration company had already been here and opened up the ceiling to expose the pipes. We turned water on and off from various locations and eventually found out that it's a sewage backup causing a leak from the ground floor toilet.

Unfortunately the technician did not have the equipment to deal with such a scenario so he called the office and arranged another technician to come in the afternoon, but had to charge me an inspection fee. The other technician came with an inspection camera and a heavy duty snake to open up the clog in the sewer, while keeping me informed the whole time, and made followup suggestions regarding the situation of the sewer pipe. He also answered all my questions thoroughly.

I'm generally very satisfied by the technician's courtesy, but the inspection fee was quite steep, not to mention they had to arrange another technician here with another bill on using the equipment.

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