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R.Mi from Etobicoke
R.Mi from Etobicoke
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Mona Home And Office Cleaning

Overall very unhappy with this company. The person in charge of communicating what the customer wants and what the cleaners need to know did not rely anything to them. The cleaner arrived with zero information about what needed to be cleaned, and the cost. First cleaner Sophie arrived on time, she was ready to work but her partner Bill arrived almost 25 minutes late. Sophie was told that bc 2 cleaners were arriving that they would be done and be paid for 3 hours of cleaning, when I was told the cleaning would take until 5pm. Zero communication with the customer. It was clear that the work would take longer, and she was accommodating to stay and finish what was needed. Bill on the other hand was disorganized and frantic about how dirty a washroom was. He spent the majority of his time in a small 6x6 washroom. He also dusted 1 of 3 fans and a couple of ledges. Leaving out remaining fans and ledges, windows which I specifically asked to be cleaned. He did an AWFUL! job in the washroom. It didn't even look like he touched anything in there. It was so bad that Sophie had to clean everything he touched a second time. Bill also left early without telling me. I feel duped for having to pay for him. He did not clean anything. He snuck out and didn't even show me his work. I called the company's office and left messages, trying to get a hold of someone regarding the problems I was facing--nobody could be reached. Finally Sophie was able to call her supervisor Donna. Sophie corroborated my concerns, when I spoke with Donna she eluded that I would need to be charge more for more cleaning to be done, even the stuff that Bill didn't do. In the end Donna agreed to not charge me more. The only reason I paid the cost of cleaning ---$372! - was bc Sophie was so kind and helpful in making it right, something that I don't think the supervisor was interested in doing. Totally unprofessional company that over charges and don't have any qualms about employing incompetent workers like Bill. Now I have been trying to reach Donna for almost 3 days, and she leaves me a voice message with no contact number. Lets see how long this phone tag takes.
Update its been almost 2 weeks and nothing from the supervisor. Dont waste your time with these hacks! Very angry and unimpressed.

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Company Response

Hello, We are sorry that we did not meet your communication needs. The information you are disputing was sent to you in an email prior to your clean. In the email it states that if 2 cleaners complete the work instead of 1, the time allocated will be cut in half but that you would not be charged more. E.g. 1 cleaner for 6 hours or 2 cleaners for 3 hours. It equates to the same time. In addition, the cleaner was advised of the specifics required for your cleaning service but it is important to us to meet client needs and we always request a walk through with the client to ensure we understand your requirements. If this step was repetitive for you, our apologies. Also, our main office is closed on weekends however our employees have access to a supervisor at all times. Our cleaners were in contact with 2 supervisors during your clean and it was agreed that one of our cleaners would stay until the clean was completed to your satisfaction. Lastly, we consider it unprofessional to comment on what you consider as incompetent especially since employee names have been used. We are however happy to hear that one was able to make it right for you!! As your transaction was closed and you agreed we got it right in the end, please call the office with any future concerns. Team Mona