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Bell from Edmonton
Bell from Edmonton
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Over the span of about a year I used these cleaning services a handful of times or so. While I think the idea of green cleaning is wonderful, and the quality of cleaning was adequate (granted I am a clean freak so I have high standards!) I feel this company and owners are at an infantile stage. My complaint is with the ownership/management of the company.

Over the duration of my relationship with Green Clean I experienced various small concerns which simply added up over time, such as:
-Areas missed when dusting.
-A pet accidentally locked in a room despite a note telling staff to leave the room alone / door closed.
-Keys to my home lost and never recovered.
-Lights and television left on by staff after completion of services.
-Blown fuse of an appliance incorrectly used, only admitted to after I inquired with specific questions.
-Frequent (nearly 100% of the time) changes to the appointment hour despite advance scheduling.

All of these were mildly annoying/inconvenient but due to an existing personal relationship with a member of the company I tried to overlook them. In most cases, after I provided feedback to the company these oversights were not repeated.

However what finally made my mind up was an event which occurred while I was overseas. I booked an appointment in advance for a day and time which worked for the sitter who would be in my home in my absence. I received an email reminder weeks later of my appointment indicating both a different time AND DAY than what I had booked. This reminder was sent to me with less than 48h which is the cancellation policy Green Clean demands of its clients. I would expect the same courtesy for such a significant change.

The change of date, the short notice, not to mention the absence of ANY explanation for rescheduling caused great inconvenience as I was unable to notify the sitter and it negatively affected the remainder of my vacation due to stress.

After 6 months Green Clean (the owners) offered nothing in response by way of compensation, or even an apology and explanation. The lack of response, avoiding confrontation, is immature and unprofessional. I wish I had never booked this particular appointment as it was an entire waste of money and has tainted memories of an otherwise wonderful vacation. I will not recommend this company to anyone in the future and in fact will share my experiences in hopes of guiding someone to a more appropriate company.

Following my original posting of this review approximately 1 year ago on google, instead of a response from the company I was sent insulting and harassing communications by an acquaintance shared by the owners and myself reinforcing my opinion of all involved suggesting I remove my review.

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Company Response

Hi Heidi, we just left you a voicemail as we very much want to find a solution and make you happy. Please call us back at your earliest convenience. Green Clean Squad was voted the #1 cleaning service because of our unwavering commitment to customer service. We regret being unable to reach a solution despite our best efforts and going above and beyond to address Heidi's issue. The client had an appointment scheduled for Dec 2, 2011 and due to an employee becoming sick, we notified the client that we would move her appointment to Dec 1, 2011. I didn't think this would be an issue because the client was out of the country and I knew how important it was for her to come home to a clean house. The only other alternative would have been to cancel the appointment and reschedule it for after she returned to Edmonton, meaning she would come home to a dirty house.

I made an evidently erroneous judgment call that it would be more important for Heidi to have her house cleaned than not have it cleaned, and as I said, because we had her key and she was out of the country, I thought it was unlikely to cause her any inconvenience.

Unfortunately, as the reviewer indicated, she is engaged in an interpersonal conflict with a mutual friend of mine and attacking our small business as a result. I sincerely hope that Homestars readers will try out the GCS for themselves to see why we were voted the #1 cleaning service. It is not acceptable to me as an owner to have any disappointed clients and I would be more than happy to make amends with Heidi, and will contact her personally to see what I can do to satisfy her.