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Sid in Newmarket
Sid in Newmarket
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Roof, Skylight, insulation

RoofPro Plus are probably okay for straight forward jobs, but I would not recommend them for any jobs requiring coordination of events. From start to end we had problems (see list of issues). If I wasn’t willing to get up on the roof from time to time, most of the problems would have gone unnoticed until eventual failure. I regret giving RoofPro my business and can’t recommend them.
List of issues
• No understanding of what the scope of work was by the installation crew. They knew nothing of the skylight installation or any of the agreed to work that I need to complete while the sheathing was off the roof. This lack of knowledge is inexcusable, we had multiple meeting with Dean and his (RoofPro’s) approval for the repairs.
• Large Hole in bedroom ceiling from someone stepping through the ceiling while sheathing was off. They didn’t tell us, we only discovered this when we were counting nail pops in the ceiling.
• 18 nail pops from recklessly throwing 5/8 plywood down. BTW I had my garage done with 5/8th plywood 15 years prior, based on another roofers recommendation, he said they never put in 1/2" anymore.
• 5 to 10 inch gap between sheathing, then just covered up with shingles. I could see them from my atic
• Crew damaged an existing bathroom vent then refused to let me repair it while roof was open.

• Wrong drip molding installed. Which caused significant soil erosion and water behind the soffits.
• Wrong Vents installed, there was no protection from birds or rodents getting into the vent.
• Skylight was not be installed while roof was being installed. When they came back to install the Skylight was installed incorrectly and needed to be reinstalled (waterproofing issues, it would have leaked according to skylight Vendor Product manager that came to my house) Thank goodness I discovered this.
• Blind in skylight not working correctly, still not working correctly.
• Tools being left on my roof on two different occasions, which would have eventually found their way to the ground.
• Nails all over my driveway and lawn, I was up to 20 when I stopped counting and that’s just the driveway.
• Large gouges left on my interlock bricked driveway due to garbage bin. Still there today.
• Bin left on driveway over the weekend
• Insulation baffles not installed correctly, they are basically being held up by the blown in insulation. They never fixed this and maintain it was installed correctly, I continue to have venting issues in my attic today.
• Garbage in my attic. Large pieces of old sheathing thrown into my attic, I ended up going up and removing what I could reach.
• Not cleaning my eaves causing them to plug up and overflow during the next rain fall.
• No insulation installed on inside attic hatch – I’ve asked them at least 4 different times to address this issue with no resolution.
• Crew not using tie downs.

First challenge, no one from the office was available on the day of the installation, beyond Dean being there first thing in the morning, he nor anyone from their office were available to assist us in dealing with the problems leaving us to deal with a very uncooperative Forman. So it’s not surprising that Roofpro has a different version of the issues and challenges we faced, they were never engaged!
I wrote down everything as it was happening, an old business habit. This in preparation for the inevitable meeting to negotiate some type of resolution.
I had a version of this review ready, but chose wait before I posted for fear of continued delays. Posting of this review was delayed because of this, repairs were continuing on in early 2019, then life and Covid got in the way.
The responsibility of proving the skylight was incorrectly installed was pushed on me. If I wasn't on the roof at some point the problems would have gone undetected until my roof leaked. The crew had no understanding of the job scope or sequence of events. Just a point of clarification, at no time was the crew waiting on me to do repairs. There was clearly damage to the bathroom vent that was created by the crew removing the original sheathing, the damage was at the base of the vent at the ceiling. I installed this vent not more than 2 years prior using a ridged vent and was solid and functioning correctly. The crew were literally ripping sheathing off the roof with no regard to the damage that was being created. The crew admitted to damaging the vent, but still refused to allow me to repair the damage. I was never on the east side of the roof, clearly it was one of the roofer that put a boot through. Roofpro claim that 5/8th sheathing is too heavy for their crew, this is difficult to understand since every quote we received from other roofing companies recommended 5/8th. Contract was signed May 2018, the bill was paid in full January 2019, after an ‘Overdue Payment’ warning email from RoofPro on Jan 9th, 2019.
The process from beginning to end lasted over 8 months and was incredibly and unnecessarily stressful.

Detailed Story; (sorry about the length)
Almost nothing went according to plan, even after numerous meetings and phone calls with Dean to discuss the job and scope of work. Prior to signing the contract every detail and aspect of the job was discussed with Dean including repairs that I needed to make while the roof sheathing was removed. This was all agreed to by Dean and RoofPro. However the complete lack of communication, coordination and understanding of what the job was by the crew resulted in many issues. Problems from wrong items being ordered, incorrect items being installed, shoddy workmanship, putting boot through my bedroom ceiling creating a hole and then not saying anything, 18 nail pops in my bedroom ceilings from the crew carelessly throwing the sheeting into place, angry Forman who went on a tyrant and threatened to walk off the job leaving an open exposed roof, countless repeat visits back to the house to fix issues.

In May of 2018 we reached out to a number of companies to take advantage of the Green Ontario program for insulation offered by the Ontario government. RoofPro was one of these companies. Dean, a sales representative came out to our house and during his assessment of attic insulation he also noted that we had black mold in our attic. This was a result of two issues, moisture getting into the attic from the master bedroom bathroom vent. It was venting into the soffit. Also many of the soffit venting was covered up with insulation from the previous owner. Dean was more than willing to provide a quote to resolve the issues. During the negotiations, Dean was at our house at least 4 times. Each time we would review the work RoofPro would be doing and also the work that I needed to do to solve the moisture issues. RoofPro was supportive of me doing work on the vapor barriers while the sheathings was off and the crew worked on other parts of the roof , Dean even joked saying "what better time to do the repairs".

Scope of RoofPro work;
• Remove and replace all shingles
• Remove and replace all sheathing (except garage and front porch)
• We had asked for 5/8th but the contract showed ½” plywood. Fortunately we sorted this out just before the work was to begin.
• Remove and replace skylight
• Spray roof truss with mold control liquid, (the mold had got into the trusses as well)
• Install 2 gooseneck vents for bathrooms (this was one of the sources of the mold problem)
• Install new 2 Pro ventilator vents, install 2 vents on garage and 2 additional vents on roof on back of house
• Blow in R60 loose insulation while the sheathing was off.
• Install baffles to improve ventilation and remove any insulation in the soffits that may be preventing air flow into the attic.
List of work Homeowner would do during job
• Install vapor barrier over existing pot light fixtures, and bathroom vents and heat lamp
• Repair, or at a minimum assess any drywall issues while the skylight was out that we could see from the inside.

So clearly this is a big job and one that does require some level of coordination and a plan. This is why Dean was at my house 4 or 5 times, not to mention the countless phone calls to make sure we had everything planned out correctly. Dean assured us that this is precisely the type of work that Roofpro Plus takes on. They are certified to install the shingles we used as well as Skylight. So we felt pretty good that we were in good hands. The planning was all done during the months of May and June. With pending vacations, we asked that this work be done in September. RoofPro agreed. We felt this gave them more than enough time to get everything ordered and coordinated, boy were we wrong…..

A few days before the installation was to begin the Skylight showed up. It had the wrong blind, and the blind we ordered was on back order, but RoofPro said that we should get it before the installation. We didn’t and the skylight was not installed on the day they did the roof.

After a few date changes RoofPro showed up on Sept 13th, Dean assured us we had the best crew and that the work would be completed in one day. After approximately 2 hours I went up to see how things were progressing and I noticed that one bathroom vent fan damaged at the base of the fan. Since I had installed it not more than 2 years prior I know, they broke this when they removed the old sheathing. With the R60 insulation blown in I knew there is no way to fix this from below so I told the Forman that I will need to fix it before they put the sheathing on. This was met with a resounding “NO” from the Forman! He said “You’ll need to get at it from the inside”. I explained that this would not be possible due to the R60 insulation and the fact that I have a very low pitch roof access to that part of my house is would be impossible. So I suggested, they continue work on the east side of the roof while I make the repair. This didn’t go over very well with the Forman. I literally had to call my wife to drive to Home Depot and purchase parts (something she knew very little about) while I stood guard over the vent, I made the repair in less than 1 hour while the crew worked on the east side.

Before the job began and on the morning of the job, I reminded Dean of the vapor barriers that I would need to install, he said we were all good, then he left. This work was on the west side of the house, so by mid-afternoon, I could see they were starting to take off the old sheathing on the west side. I was on and off the roof a couple of times up to that point, and beyond the bathroom vent issue and some questions on why they don’t use H clips between the sheathing (something they say they never use?) I really didn’t say anything to the crew. When I noticed they were close to the area I needed to work on, I reminded the Forman (Blair) that I needed to get access to the pot lights and other vent fan for vapor barrier installation. At that time they were actually placing a sheet of plywood down over the exact area I needed to work. I told them “guys that’s exactly where I need to get access to”, Blair immediately got angry. He went on a tirade suggesting that “none of this is on the work order”. I told him he needed take it down a few notches, this infuriated him even further, I couldn’t get a word in edgewise, when I asked him if I could speak, he said “No”! When he finally finished, I told him that the piece of plywood will still need to be removed so that I can get my work done as agreed to by Dean. He literally ripped the plywood off the roof, for half a second I thought it was going to fly off the roof, fortunate it didn’t. His anger continued, finally ending with him saying “I’ll (and crew) walk off the job site and leave an exposed roof,,,,,is that what you want!”. I didn’t take it seriously and told him to do whatever he things he needs to do. I then pulled out my phone planning on calling Dean. When Blair saw this he got concerned and said “you going to report me now?” No, I replied, I want to talk to Dean to find out why none of this stuff is on the work order. Dean was MIA, with no return call until the end of the day.
I finished my work under duress and wasn’t able to complete it all because I need another piece of old sheathing removed, but I didn’t want another episode, so I said nothing. This work took me all of 45 minutes.
They never finished in one day, and it took them to 3pm on the 2nd day to finally get all the shingles down. Unfortunately, the saga continues. They installed the wrong Gooseneck Vents – they actually say ‘for dryer use’ right on the vent. The flashing work (that you can see from the road) looks crooked, Chad and Kelly (aluminum and Skylight guys who are really nice guys BTW) made a couple of attempts to fix it, but it’s still not right.
The Skylight was finally installed on October 19th, (we started in May) however we have some major concerns here also. When the Skylight was out, I went up to fix some of the drywall issues due to moisture from the previous skylight. While up on the roof I noticed two things, a big gap at the roof peek at least 5”x 10”, and the shingles were up tight to the rough in for the skylight opening. This is a concern because Skylight Vendor recommends an adhesive waterproof membrane be installed under the shingles and up the side of the skylight as a secondary water barrier, well there is no way to install the waterproof membrane underneath the shingles, at least not properly. So I had concerns over long term durability and water integrity of the installation. Also RoofPro had the skylight Vendor install the blind, however now because the skylight Vendor changed way the blind works (not for the better) it’s very difficult to get the blind down all the way, and when I finally do get it down as far as I can, I can’t open it up. RoofPro, suggested I call the skylight Vendor. Just to be clear, I purchased the sky light from RoofPro and had them install it. We were confused as to why we needed to call the skylight Vendor? So we called the skylight Vendor and their Product manager came out in December, to inspect the skylight, he agreed with my assessment and he called RoofPro and asked them to purchase and install another flashing kit. Then on December 20th 2018 and under skylight Vendor’s supervision, they removed the requisite shingles and followed the manufactures installation guidelines. I was very pleased with how engaged Vendor was and how strongly they support their 'no leak' guarantee.
In the spring of 2019, I notice that water is getting behind my facia. Without going into all the details of what was needed to validate this with RoofPro. They finally admitted that they had installed the wrong drip mold? This would require another visit to assess and then install the correct drip molding on the entire roof.

This job took well over 8 months to complete, involving numerus calls and follow up with RoofPro Plus, it was unnecessarily stressful, we still have outstanding concerns. I regret using this company, and can't recommend them

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Company Response

Sid, just trying to understand why it took you three years to write this review? I remember a slightly different version of events. While I agree that the skylight was back ordered and Velux had to troubleshoot the blind opener and the wrong vents were delivered by a supplier (which were fixed immediately I do not remember all you have mentioned above. I remember that you were inside your attic doing a bunch of work that impeded the work we were doing you were in the way and we were worried about your safety being on the roof. I remember that you thought it was ok to have our crew open a roof and then just wait around while you did your own personal repairs as the access was more convenient NOT that we had damaged anything that needed fixing, I remember that you admitted that it could have been you that fell through into your ceiling, your words not ours. I remember warning you about the weight of 5/8 plywood rather that 1/2 inch plywood but you insisted on it. I remember bending over backwards to ensure all was well and executed properly. I remember you paying your bill in full and thanking me for my help throughout the install. It has been hard on us all. I wish nothing but the best to you and your family and feel your review and words 3 years later are undeserved. Kindest regards, Jan ** I see you edited your review to include "I'm sure roofpro will reply to my review with a comment that everything was addressed and fixed, which would not be accurate, but even if it was, the process from beginning to end lasted over 6 months......" I am glad that you finally acknowledge the issues were addressed.