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La Vie furniture quality is CRAP

I bought a leather sofa and recliner. The first recliner was broken when we got it home and unpacked it. We had to return it and they gave us a new one. Within a few months (4) that was broken (cannot use the side handle to close or open it. The plastic protective cover was sewed into the leather making it impossible to take off (believe me we tried!). The sofa has warn rips at the top (how we got it) but didn't notice it til a week later and they will not fix it. After using the sofa for 6 months the seat cushion is completely flat and cannot be re-stuffed cause it's doesn't come off.

We also bought a glass coffee table from them but it has issues and after waiting for 4 weeks for someone to come look at it, they saw that we were right and it was impossible to assemble. They took it back and gave us a new one but that one had scratch marks all over it so we did not take it from the warehouse.

I would not recommend buying ANYTHING from them. Everything we have from them now is junk and we only had them for 6 months. I should add that we only use the furniture 3-4 times a week and do not have children or pets to add to the wear on the furniture.

Never again will I buy from them!

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Company Response

This is Jason and I am store manager in North York location. All story has two side and I would like to express our side of story.

1. We did perform the reasonable care in this case: Even though I can't locate the sales contract in our database and I can't find out whether this customer did purchase from us or not but according to the customer, we replaced furniture two times as soon as we received a complaint from a customer. I don't want to say we offer the best best customer service in the industry but at least I know we do take seriously on every single customer complaint. As a retail merchant between our supplier and our customer, we will do our best to make sure all customers will receive reasonable care.

2. Floor model sale and final sale: I do remember a particular customer who ordered similar items in our Scarborough location and I can't verify whether this review is from this customer but the fact for that case is the customer ordered a clearance sale which he agreed to take display model as is and he complained back to us after couple of months about scratches and we did offer him another floor model. Clearance sale means discount price and we don't have any profit margin to cover further customer service.

3. Usage of recliners: According to this review, the problem is from the arm or side of the reclining seats. Because our reclining chair's arms are attached to the seat which will recline with the seat and there are no supporting legs for the arms. IT IS NOT DESIGNED FOR SEATING. If customer seats on the arms of the reclining seats, it will result in arm bend toward the seating area. If a customer complains to us for this issue after usage, for the first time, normally we will replace a new one or fix that one for free for the customer because we understand customer may not notice the arm is not designed for seating. But this is not a manufacture defeat issue and it is way it is designed. By replacing a recliner in this case can be a proof that we care about our customer and we want them to "win" to make them happy.

As member of management team, it is very sad to see someone is posting a bad review against us even though we are trying very hard to please all our customers. Furniture will have to be used and maintained a way it is designed. Recliner's arm is for supporting the arms not human weight. We can't control how people will use the furniture we sold but we will what we can to solve all possible problems.

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